BEVERLY HILLS, August 31, 2004 ( – In a mail-out catalogue to fertility physicians and interested would-be parents, obtained by, a Beverly Hills company, B Coming, is marketing the profiles of egg donors and surrogate mothers.  Price ranges for donor’s eggs vary considerably, and depends primarily upon level of education, ranging from: high school at $3-4 thousand, to PhD at $20,000.  The accompanying letter says, “B Coming is an agency that offers Egg Donors and Surrogate Mothers to infertile couples that are looking for help to start or expand their families.”  The women catalogued (photographs included) advertise their statistics, such as level of education; college Grade Point Average; age; height and weight; skin, hair and eye colour; and ethnic nationality.

The B Coming website explains the procedure as follows: “The Surrogate Mother is inseminated in the physician’s office with the sperm of the client husband. This child is biologically linked to the client husband and the surrogate mother. The client family completes a step-parent adoption process and the client wife becomes the legal mother of the baby.”  See the B Coming website at:  Read related coverage:  In Unregulated Canada Women Are Bearing Babies For Sale