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(LifeSiteNews) – A Catholic bishop has denounced President Joe Biden’s false claim that the Church supports aborting babies conceived via rape and incest, and called for prayers for the president.

Providence, Rhode Island Bishop Thomas Tobin posted a message on Twitter after Biden implied that the Catholic Church would not support Sen. Lindsey Graham’s proposed bill banning abortions past 15 weeks’ gestation except in cases of when a baby was conceived via rape or incest, or of physical danger to the mother.

“President Biden cannot be both a devout Catholic and a pro-abortion zealot,” he wrote. “The two are mutually exclusive. He is a poor, lost and confused soul. Truly, we need to pray for him, every day.”

“Walking with someone, accompanying them, doesn’t mean that we have to agree with or approve of everything they do,” Tobin (not to be confused with left-wing Newark Cardinal Joseph Tobin) continued in another post. “If someone we love is involved in immoral or destructive behavior, and we truly care about them, we should encourage them to change their ways and do better.”

Bishop Michael Olson also posted a public response to Biden’s comments, writing, “We need to pray for @POTUS because by his words and actions he manifests at best extreme confusion on basic Catholic moral teaching and at worst the scandalous obstinacy of one steeped in grave sin at odds with Eucharistic coherency.”

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Biden has a long history of supporting abortion in direct opposition to the Catholic faith, which he claims to practice. Leading up to the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision overturning Roe v. Wade, the Biden administration invited an activist group to the White House to hear their argument for abortion “rights” yet continuously ignored illegal protests which took place outside the homes of pro-life Supreme Court justices.

Following Roe’s reversal, Biden promised to “do everything in my power” to enshrine abortion into federal law.

In July, the state of Texas sued the Biden administration for ordering hospitals, even in pro-life states, to commit abortions under certain circumstances. Biden also declared he would take disciplinary action against the “deceptive practices” of pro-life pregnancy centers.

More recently, the administration has ramped up its rhetoric about pro-life and pro-family conservatives, suggesting that they are a threat to democracy.


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