Catholic bishop: Never vote ‘for any candidate, of any party, who supports abortion’

Planned Parenthood is 'the most dangerous place in our nation,' Rhode Island's Bishop Thomas Tobin wrote on Facebook.
Mon Apr 25, 2016 - 11:37 am EST
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PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island, April 25, 2016 (LifeSiteNews)—Bishop Thomas J. Tobin encouraged faithful Catholics to vote pro-life in Rhode Island’s primary election on Tuesday and “never to vote for any candidate, of any party, who supports abortion.”

In a post on his Facebook page last week, Tobin warned Catholics not to “be fooled by those who say they ‘aren’t pro-abortion, but are just pro-choice.’”

“After all, what kind of choice are they promoting? They’re not talking about choosing a favorite ice cream flavor, are they?” he wrote.

“Clearly, politicians who support abortion are encouraging a choice that ends the life of an innocent human being and ultimately harms the mother, personally and spiritually!” Tobin wrote.

Last week, Tobin also posted on Facebook that abortion giant Planned Parenthood is “the most dangerous place in our nation.” 

“So many innocent lives are lost there every year; so many moms are harmed personally and spiritually when they enter that building,” Tobin’s post, which featured photos from his recent visit to a pro-life vigil site outside a Planned Parenthood abortion facility, said.

Tobin expressed his “admiration and thanks to all the pro-lifers for their peaceful and prayerful commitment to human life” and encouraged Catholics to pray for unborn children, the forgiveness and conversion of those who work at or support abortion facilities, and for an end to abortion funding in the U.S.

Tobin has previously encouraged Catholics to write in Blessed Mother Teresa on their ballots when faced with only pro-abortion candidates.  He also refused to attend the Catholic governor of Rhode Island’s inauguration over her pro-abortion stance, which is at odds with Church teaching.  Tobin has also blasted the notion that a Catholic politician who publicly defies Church teaching can be considered a Catholic in good standing. 

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