WILMINGTON, October 19, 2004 ( – The bishop of Wilmington Del. has asked Catholics to pray to St. Thomas More for the conversion of pro-abortion “Catholic” politicians. Bishop Michael Saltarelli has composed a litany to St. Thomas More for his intercession to make politicians “courageous and effective in their defense and promotion of the sanctity of human life.”

Thomas More, a layman and lawyer, was the Chancellor of England to King Henry VIII. When he refused to ratify the king’s divorce from Catherine of Aragon and the king’s establishment as head of a new religion, More was beheaded. He was canonized by the Catholic Church for his defense of his faith and in 2000 was declared patron of statesmen and politicians by Pope John Paul II.

The practice of asking for the saints’ intercession with God is central to Catholic spiritual practice. “Our hope is to lead our people back to prayer and to the basic tenets of this great nation ‘In God We Trust,’ ‘One Nation Under God,’ ‘God who is the author of all life,’” Bishop Saltarelli said in the diocesan newspaper. “We will storm heaven with our prayers…”  The prayer has been distributed to parishes and schools in the Wilmington diocese. The bishop has met with dissenting Catholic politicians and asked them not to present themselves for communion in Catholic churches. “Thomas More knew the consequences of his choice. He knew the world would view him as politically incorrect,” he said.  Ph