OTTAWA, May 2, 2003 ( – With less than two weeks before the annual March for Life in Ottawa, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops’ life and family group have issued a press release promoting the pro-life event.  “The Catholic Organization for Life and Family (COLF) would like to invite all Canadians to pause and reflect for a moment on the occasion of the National March for Life, whose theme this year is Life: The Only Choice!,” said the release.  “This March gives us all an opportunity to appreciate the priceless gift of life and to make known our commitment to ensure that human life is respected and protected. ”  Picking up on this year’s theme, the COLF letter says: “Choosing life means demanding the right to life for unborn children as well as psychological, social and financial support for pregnant women. Choosing life means protecting the smallest among us – the human embryo – who is part of the human family, who is one of us. Choosing life means supporting and being present to those who are disabled, elderly, ill or suffering. It also means respecting the life and dignity of those who are dying and accompanying themuntil the very end.”  See the full COLF letter online at:   For all the details on the March for Life see: