OTTAWA, August 1, 2003 ( – While many Members of Parliament in Canada claim to be Catholic, very few embrace the faith and are proud to uphold its teachings.  One of the most prominent exceptions is Canadian Alliance MP Jason Kenney.  In an interview with LifeSite and in other media interviews Kenney praised the Vatican’s new document on homosexual unions. Unfortunately, selective quotes in a National Post report left many wondering about Kenney’s stand on the matter.  In an interview today Kenney told LifeSite that the Vatican’s document was “nothing new” but was “reiterating 2000-year-old teaching of the faith.”  Kenney explained that the “Catholic church is a voluntary community of common beliefs and if you consistently reject those common beliefs then you are leaving the community which is based on those beliefs. The church never imposes its teaching but proposes them, as the Pope says. If people reject the teachings of the community they reject the community.”  Kenney made similar comments to CBC’s The Current which can be heard online here:   However, a National Post report said Kenney “does not think the Vatican’s call will make much difference” and falsely indicated that Catholic politicians were free to take or leave the document.  Kenney told LifeSite that the quotes were taken out of context from a larger interview with the Post.  See the National Post coverage: