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Alice Muchiri

(LifeSiteNews) — The founder of a Catholic caucus in Kenya explained at this year’s Rome Life Forum how Africans are pushing back against globalists’ abortion and LGBT agenda with the help of their bishops.

Alice Muchiri, head of the Catholic MPs Secretariat and co-founder of the Kenyan Catholic MPs Spiritual Support Initiative (CAMPSSI), told how the birth of her organization in 2008 was inspired by an attempt by “global feminists” to legalize abortion in Kenya.

Muchiri said she was able to form a caucus only with the help of Tangaza University College, which has partnered with Kenyan Catholic legislators. The group gathered for Mass every Wednesday morning and was successful in staving off pro-abortion legislation, according to Muchiri.

Their next battle came when former U.S. President Barack Obama, whose father was Kenyan and who has been considered an “idol” in Kenya, pressured the country to legalize abortion. This time, the caucus enlisted the help of their Catholic bishops, who told the president ‘they would be watching,’” Muchiri said. 

So-called LGBT “rights” were also being pushed in Kenya at the time, but according to Muchiri, the country’s president resisted this as well after speaking with Catholic bishops and said accepting gay marriages “wouldn’t be a priority for Kenya.”

“Through the Catholic caucus, we were able to block all the legislators who [came] to our chambers to make a Nairobi declaration that abortion and homosexuality should be a universal human right,” Muchiri said.

In 2021, a Kenyan was “brought by Americans” from New York to promote legislation that yet again sought to legalize abortion and homosexuality, according to Muchiri. This time, the nation’s bishops, after working “very closely” with Catholic doctors and lawyers as well as evangelical Christians, spoke out publicly against the bill.

The bishops steadfastly issued statements every Sunday for a month opposing the legislation. Muchiri recounted that after one particularly “fierce” statement, Kenya’s cardinal “drove to the state house and asked our president ‘What is this?’ You’re Catholic. You swore by our constitution to defend life. And our constitution defines life as beginning from conception to natural death.”

As a result, the president had to order that the bill be “withdrawn on a Sunday night when Parliament was not in session,” Muchiri said.

The activist suggested that the bishops have such political leverage because “in Africa, we… listen to our bishops more than we listen to the politicians and globalists.”

“That is how we have continued to win our battles against the globalists” and their agenda, Muchiri explained.

She went on to add that sharing the “truth” about homosexuality and transgenderism is a key part of their fight, including about “what it does to the human anatomy,” and how “people are benefiting [from it] commercially.”

Muchiri believes that if the truth about the LGBT agenda and its danger to bodies and souls is “spread well, even those who are being recruited will realize that they’re being used.” 

“The Gospel truth must be proclaimed,” she added.

“I can guarantee you that Africa will lead the resistance… and Africa will not join the LGBT movement and allow the globalists to push us where they have pushed the West,” said Muchiri, going on to affirm Africans’ resolve to hold fast to their traditional values even if they are penalized for it.

She pointed out that the World Bank will withhold funding from African nations that don’t capitulate to its agenda, as it has already withheld funding for “critical” HIV and malaria programs from Uganda. 

According to Muchiri, Uganda’s Catholic parliamentarians “have led the rest of Ugandan parliament” in rejecting aid in order to stay true to their values.

“They’re ready to take a pay cut, but not to be intimidated to accept what is not Christian and even what is against the law of nature,” she continued.

Muchiri believes that what has been most helpful in their fight against the globalist agenda is their “collaboration with the bishops.”

According to Muchiri, in East Africa, if a bishop tells a politician, “We are watching you,” that means their “time in office is over.”

“Lastly, we need to have our own inquisitions of power, because we cannot expect the devil to clean our house for us,” Muchiri said. She is focusing on forming Parliamentarians before Kenya’s next elections because “the globalists, particularly in Africa, want to use legislators” to enforce their agenda, as Muchiri believes they have done so in the West.

“It reached a point where policies were made and you were told you cannot ask a child why they are carrying contraceptives. A child leaves as a girl in the morning and in the evening comes back as a boy,” Muchiri said.

She is calling on countries everywhere to work to elevate “faithful” and “authentic” Catholics to positions of power, where they can promote policies “particularly to protect the dignity of life.”

Muchiri also emphasized the importance of supporting good bishops, including those in Africa, with the information they need to advocate for pro-family policies. She pointed out that in some cases they have needed laypeople to raise the alarm about dangers they would otherwise have been unaware of. 

This is especially important, Muchiri said, because “the future of Catholicism is in Africa,” the fastest-growing Catholic region in the world.