CHICAGO, January 8, 2013 ( – The Rockford Pro-Life Initiative has called on Francis Cardinal George to excommunicate Governor Pat Quinn for his outspoken support of same-sex “marriage.”

The call comes as the Illinois state legislature is considering expanding the state definition of marriage to include same-sex couples.  Currently, homosexual civil unions are legal in Illinois, but they are not considered marriages.

During a lame-duck wrap-up session last week, a state Senate committee narrowly passed a gay “marriage” bill, but it did not have a floor vote in either the full Senate or the House before the session expired, meaning it must be reintroduced in both houses when the new session starts Wednesday.  Governor Quinn has said he wants movement on the bill as soon as possible, perhaps by the end of the month.


Governor Quinn’s support for same-sex “marriage” puts him at odds with the leadership of the Catholic faith he claims to belong to.  Three Illinois bishops released letters to be read from the pulpit in parishes statewide over the weekend opposing the legislation.

Members of the Rockford Pro-Life Initiative, however, do not think the letters go far enough.

“If Cardinal George and all the Illinois Bishops declare that any politician who claims to be Catholic, including Gov. Quinn, [who] votes for a homosexual marriage bill would be automatically and publicly excommunicated, this would stand a very good chance of protecting marriage,” the group said in a statement

The group singled out Cardinal George of Chicago for failing to hold the governor accountable for his public violations of the faith.  “Governor Quinn is also under the authority of Cardinal George,” they said, “who has flatly refused to use his authority to discipline Gov. Quinn.”

Added the group, “Is it any wonder that our ‘Catholic’ Governor continues his destruction of human life and families when the leader of the Church in Illinois refuses to use the authority of his office to excommunicate a Governor who uses his Catholic faith and political power to destroy countless human lives and souls?”

Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is urging Catholics to contact Cardinal George asking him to excommunicate Governor Quinn if he signs the same-sex “marriage” bill into law.