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(LifeSiteNews) — Daily Wire commentator and Catholic Michael Knowles criticized Fox News on his show Monday after the conservative news station ran a story in support of a gender-confused girl who pretends to be a boy. Knowles referred to the segment as “evil” and called the Fox News reporter a “creep” for encouraging parents to “trans the kids.”

Fox News  highlighted the story of the Whittingtons, parents who claimed their daughter declared herself a boy before she could even talk. Knowles has previously appeared on Fox News as a commentator, but he said that it’s more important for him to speak out even if it ruins the relationship.

“This is not just covering this. This is not just, ‘Well, look at this weird story,'” Knowles said on his show. He criticized Fox News reporter Bryan Llenas for editorializing by saying that this is a story about “love” and that the Whittingtons showed “extraordinary courage.”

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Knowles said it would be “abusive enough” to highlight someone’s story, but “this creep reporter on Fox News is promoting” transgenderism, the Daily Wire commentator said.

“This is a full-throated endorsement on the news side of Fox News of transgendering the kids,” Knowles declared.

While he does not normally criticize other conservative organizations, Knowles said that the promotion of the genital and chemical mutilation of children warranted it.

“I cannot think of anything more evil that Fox News could do than endorse transing kids, then encourage parents to trans their kids,” he said.

He also criticized Fox News for using statistics from the homosexual advocacy group “The Trevor Project” which claims that suicides are linked to an inability to receive “gender-affirming care.”

Mocking the argument from transgender activists, Knowles explained the numerous consequences of pumping kids full of puberty blockers and removing their healthy organs.

He said:

Well, if you don’t want to kill your kid, give a ton of money to pharmaceutical psychos to pump your kid full of hormones so that you can permanently screw up their body and probably give them osteoporosis or something. Make them sterile forever. When they come to regret this in ten years, you’re gonna have destroyed their lives, but if you don’t do it now, you’re gonna kill your kids. That’s the kind of stuff that’s being promoted on Fox News channel. Good grief, what has happened?

Knowles’ colleagues have also spoken out against Fox News’ promotion of the genital and chemical mutilation of children.

“This would be absolute despicable insane lunacy if I saw it on CNN or MSNBC. To see it on Fox News is a complete betrayal of anything remotely resembling conservatism or decency,” Daily Wire editor emeritus Ben Shapiro tweeted.

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“Every element of this video is propagandistic, dangerous garbage,” he said. “The report states that this biologically female child was choosing her gender BEFORE SHE COULD SPEAK. This is madness.”

Daily Wire‘s Matt Walsh called the segment “the most extreme, radical, dangerous form of gender ideology.”