Catholic Magazine Calls on Archbishop to Refuse Prime Minister Communion over Gay ‘Marriage’

OTTAWA, June 9, 2005 ( - Catholic Insight magazine, a prominent Canadian Catholic magazine, is asking Archbishop Marcel Gervais of Ottawa to deny Prime Minister Paul Martin the status of “faithful parishioner” and to deny him access to Holy Communion. Father Alphonse de Valk, editor of the national magazine, states in his forthcoming July editorial that bishops cannot remain silent about Catholic politicians who publicly favour replacing marriage between man and woman for a union between any two persons.

Ottawa Bishop Marcel GervaisRev. De Valk quotes Pope Benedict as saying “Gay marriage is a fake” and “an expression of anarchic and false freedom.” De Valk said, “Bill C-38, therefore, is fraudulent. Paul Martin, a Catholic, is the chief instigator of this fraud. He cannot be considered a faithful parishioner, as Archbishop Gervais had said last March.”

In comments concerning the Prime Minister, Archbishop Gervais said last March, “To me he is also a faithful member of my cathedral parish. . . . While I do not agree either with his argument or his conclusion on same sex marriage, I do not think, at this time, his position merits refusing him communion.” (see coverage: )

The Catholic Insight editor also notes that Martin publicly rejects Church teaching on abortion - “which the Church insists is murder”. He says, “Bishops, including Cardinals, cannot remain silent when the beauty and holiness of the Eucharist is at stake.”

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, prior to his election as Pope Benedict XVI, in his role as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, intervened in the US Bishops’ debate over denying communion to pro-abortion politicians. The document he submitted on the subject spelled out clearly that pro-abortion politicians once warned by their bishops “must” be denied communion. (see the Ratzinger document: )

See the Catholic Insight editorial online:

To express concerns to Archbishop Gervais:
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