WASHINGTON, DC, October 9, 2007 ( – In a letter to the Catholic Bishops of Connecticut sent October 4, the national Catholic Media Coalition (CMC) begged the bishops to rescind their recent approval to dispense the abortifacient drug Plan B to rape victims at Catholic hospitals in the state. (See letter at end of email, and at ).  CMC is an organization of Catholic writers, webmasters, editors, and others engaged in producing media for and about the Catholic Church.

“Rape is a horrible crime,” said CMC President Mary Ann Kreitzer speaking on behalf of the group. “Women need help and support at such a time. But the fact that the woman is the victim of a violent act cannot justify her committing a violent act against her innocent unborn child. It is a grave scandal to have Catholic bishops approve the use of this abortion drug. Their capitulation encourages further coercion by the government against the Church. No less than our first amendment freedom of religion is at stake. Additionally, bishops who won’t fight for a one-week-old baby are likely to betray older babies and the elderly and vulnerable as well. We demand that the Connecticut bishops rescind this evil decision.”

  CMC is urging Catholics around the country to pray for and contact the four Catholic bishops of Connecticut as well as their individual bishops to urge them to protect human life. It is never licit for a woman to use a drug that prevents her baby from implanting in the womb. The bishops’ names and emails are: Bishop Paul Chomnycki, O.S.B.M. ( ), Bishop William E. Lori  ( ), Bishop Michael R. Cote (),  and Bishop Henry J. Mansell ( ), Chairman of the Connecticut Catholic Conference ( ).