KINGSTON, N.Y., Mar 24 (LSN)  The New York Times reported today on the dismissal last Thursday of Dr David Mesches from his post as chairman of the department of family medicine at Catholic –  affiliated New York Medical College. Dr Mesches had agreed in January to lease space in his medical offices for an abortuary.  Mesches made his anti-life views public in an interview with a local newspaper, telling reporters abortion is “the law of the land” and adding that leasing the facility for an abortion mill was “the right thing to do.” Ellen Carr, a spokeswoman for the college, said, “It is the right of a private institution to expect its leadership to reflect its values and principles, period.”  Please write a note congratulating the New York Medical College for their courage. So far, they have received a great deal of criticism for their courageous and principled action.  [email protected]