OSHAWA, May 8, 2002 ( – At a court hearing on Tuesday, Ontario Superior Court Judge Robert Mackinnon joked about Durham District Catholic School Board lawyer Peter Lauwers’ explanation of the board’s policy on homosexual students attending school events.

When Lauwers explained that students with a homosexual orientation could attend school events such as dances as single individuals, but could not “manifest romance”, MacKinnon asked if this meant that gay students could not dance together.  When Lauwers said it did, MacKinnon said, to laughter from the court, “So I’m having a good time, but I can’t dance.” MacKinnon, perhaps realizing that he should not be joking in a trial on fundamental religious and civil rights, which he called the toughest case he has faced in nine and a half years on the bench, then said, “I’m not trying to be humorous and I understand I’m asking you to draw a line in sand that is shifting.”  MacKinnon is expected to rule Friday on an injunction to force the school to allow 17-year old Catholic high school student Marc Hall attend his high school’s prom that evening accompanied by his 21-year old homosexual boyfriend.

Source – May 7 Canadian Press report as covered by Canoe: (Valid today only)