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(LifeSiteNews) — The Catholic Church has begun to turn on its own in the name of wokeness. 

Since the onset of COVID, it has become clear that the priorities of our shepherds no longer truly lie with the spiritual welfare of their flock. As reported by LifeSiteNews, Catholic homeschooling mom of 11 Jane Bernardel was arrested in October 2020 on the steps of her parish church for not masking while praying the rosary – even though she and her family were suitably “socially distanced” from everyone else in the church. 

Even after civil authorities dropped all charges against her, Jane is still being targeted by her bishop for no reason.After being formally rebuked by Kansas City Bishop James V. Johnston, Jr., the faithful Catholic mother has now been banned from entering any diocesan property whatsoever. 

Tonight, only on LifeSiteNews, Jane gives the full story of her harrowing ordeal – exposing this shocking attack on freedom of conscience and religious liberty. In this exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews’s senior correspondent Jim Hale, Jane gives the unfiltered details – from her outrageous arrest  to how she has been persecuted by her own shepherd. Jane tells all, and you do NOT want to miss it. 

These attacks against faithful Catholics cannot go unreported. That is why LifeSiteNews is dedicated to exposing the corrupt bishops in the Church who care more about their approval rating than the spiritual health of souls in their care. Mainstream Catholic media outlets refuse to report the truth, but LifeSite remains your #1 source for pro-freedom video content, dedicated exclusively to building a culture of life that defends the rights of the Catholic Faithful. Tune in tonight to hear the truth of Jane’s story! 

LifeSiteNews is committed to helping faithful Catholics like Jane stand up and resist the corrupt bishops in this world. And now, you can help Jane win her case against the Diocese of Kansas City, Missouri.  

 Jane has chosen to litigate against Bishop Johnston in the Court of Law for accusing her of “violence” and banning her from the sacraments!

Help Jane Bernardel to win her court case