Matthew Hoffman


Catholic bishops denounce adoption of Colombian children by American homosexual activist

Matthew Hoffman

December 14, 2011 ( - Catholic Church officials have joined the Colombian government’s prosecutorial wing in opposing the adoption of two children by an American homosexual activist.

“The problem is not that the person is single, but rather that he should be a mature person psychologically, emotionally and in his sexual identity,” said Juan Vicente Cordoba, secretary of the Episcopal Conference.

“In Colombia adoption to same-sex couples has not been allowed, therefore it hasn’t been awarded to homosexual singles either because the problem is not because the individual is alone, but rather because of his homosexuality,” added Cordoba.

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As LifeSiteNews reported yesterday, American homosexual activist Chandler Burr, a journalist, was recently awarded custody of two Colombian children, ages 13 and 10.

However, by Burr’s own admission, he never informed authorities of his homosexual orientation; when it discovered, his custodial rights were withdrawn.

Although a Colombian court has temporarily returned custody of the children to Burr, Colombia’s prosecutorial agency, the General Procurator, has stated its intention to contest the adoption, based on Burr’s failure to report his homosexuality during the application process.

Cordoba’s words were echoed by Monsignor Libardo Ramirez, president of the National Ecclesiastical Tribunal, who stated that the adoption represents a “grave risk for society,” in the words of Colombia’s RCN Radio.

He added, also in the paraphrasing of RN Radio, that “every exception can open doors to new cases and affirmed that the family consisting of a father and a mother should be respected, not as an imposition of the Church but because of the natural law.”


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