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(LifeSiteNews) – On January 11, an organization that helps faithful Catholics navigate a changing economic landscape held a virtual event that highlighted the struggles Catholics face in an era of vaccine mandates and persecution, while offering helpful solutions for those who need to change career directions and fight for freedom in their communities.

Henry Kutarna is the founder of that organization, The Catholic CEO. He is a long-time investor, CEO, mentor, business owner, and has worked as a public servant in the Province of Saskatchewan.

The event that his organization hosted offered attendees dynamic presentations on how to navigate the current political and economic landscape from a Catholic perspective.

Three presentations were offered:

  1. Stay & Fight – presented by Justice Center for Charter Freedoms (JCCF) president John Carpay, who is a leading figure in the fight for constitutional rights for Canadians.
  2. Find a New Job – presented by Donna Crombie, a professional career consultant who knows how to tap into hidden job markets, which faithful Catholic will need to access, and Michelle Dunne, who “leads Catholics on a journey to know their God-given strengths and weaknesses in order to find fulfillment in life, including work.”
  3. Start a business – presented by Kutarna and Joseph Mastrangelo, who is a business owner from Texas. Kutarna offered practical advice on how to start a business in a professional climate that is often hostile to Catholics, and Mastrangelo gave start-up advice for people who lose their jobs and need to pivot to a new career.

The overall goal of the presentations was to give Catholics food for thought about how to operate in professional environments that are hostile to their faith, or may pressure them to do things they cannot do in good conscience, such as take abortion-tainted experimental COVID jabs.

JCCF president John Carpay gave the attendees an overview of the current constitutional legal situation in Canada regarding freedom of religion for Christians. He described his court experiences as very negative, and expressed that Canadian courts have largely given themselves over to the mainstream narrative that COVID is more serious than the data suggest.

He described what has happened in Canada over the past two years as “tyranny.” Despite the negative experiences the JCCF has had in court, he encouraged Canadians to keep fighting by referencing the famous “blood, toil, tears, and sweat” speech that Winston Churchill gave on the eve of England’s conflict with Germany during the Second World War.

Carpay said: “When you have a tyranny that is that vile, how long it’s going to take to achieve success is a question you have to put on the back-burner, and you just have to fight because you are fighting against evil.”

“We have to remember as well that in the 20th century, more people were murdered by their own governments… than the number of people killed by war. It’s very significant to contemplate that if you think of totalitarian systems and what they do to their own citizens.”

He offered practical solutions for Canadians who want to stand up to lockdowns and vaccine mandates: do not comply with “unjust laws” as much as possible.

“The more than unjust laws are complied with the more strongly entrenched they become, and conversely the more unjust laws are not complied with, the weaker those laws become,” he said.

He added that “court actions, as important as they are, are actually less important than changing public opinion.” As a result, he encouraged people to be the first person to speak out against what they view as unjust, as “many people won’t be the first person to speak out, but they will be the second.”

Kutarna offered a general overview of steps Catholics can take to start their own businesses if necessary. He believes that having one’s own business is a sure way to ensure more freedom of conscience as a Catholic in a time when corporations tend to implement policies that work against deeply held Christian beliefs.

He emphasized growing in virtue, and beginning one’s business journey in prayer.

“We are not praying for profit,” he said, but instead “for the grace” to make wise decisions to “support our families.”

Considering a market need, regulations that could prove as obstacles, and how to manage time creatively are all fundamental to making the switch to entrepreneurship, according to Kutarna.

His organization offers a free workshop to help Catholics begin the process of starting a business. Anyone interested in viewing the event in full can contact The Catholic CEO for details.

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