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May 3, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – The Quebec Catholic Parents’ Association has condemned the provincial government’s new sex education program for promoting underaged sexual activity and challenging Church teaching.

“We believe what’s in this course promotes activities against natural law and our faith,” spokesman Raymond Ayas told LifeSiteNews.

The government originally planned to introduce the new curriculum (which it describes as addressing problems of bullying, teenage pregnancy, and sexual disease transmission) this fall. But after a leaked internal report showed the teachers in a pilot project rejecting the program, the government postponed its launch across Quebec for a year.

The Catholic group has issued a statement that declares the curriculum directly challenges “the values and morals founded in the Catholic faith” and “the parents who wish to transmit these values to their children.”

The group plans a daylong event in downtown Montreal on May 13 to kick off a campaign opposing the curriculum. Judith Reisman, the author of many books exposing the research of Dr. Alfred Kinsey as both unscientific and unethical, will be speaking. Reisman says Kinsey’s discredited work provides the ideological underpinnings for sex education. Marion Sigaut, Riesman’s French translator, will speak about sex-ed’s recent introduction in France.

“As Christians,” Ayas said, “we have to agree with the stated objectives. Bullying is bad. Transmission of STDs is bad. Teen pregnancy is bad if it is outside marriage. However, we’re not saying sex-ed is bad in itself. But teaching it is the responsibility of parents.”

The group’s statement describes four objectionable components: the encouragement throughout the program, starting in Kindergarten, of an “ambiguous sexual identity;” the “encouragement” of “sexual exploration and promiscuity,” again, starting in Kindergarten; encouragement of students to question their “intimate and personal values transmitted by the family and our Catholic faith;” and “teaching an ideological vision of human sexuality.”

Ayas noted that Kindergartners are not only taught the body parts that differentiated boys from girls but were asked to describe the pleasant and unpleasant feelings they experienced in different parts of their body.

In Grade 2, the curriculum describes not only the reproductive organs as sexual but includes the anus and the foreskin as sexual organs. Not only is this not true, Ayas said, but asked, “Why does a seven-year-old need to know the sexual organs?”

The parents association also challenges the program’s scientific pretensions, noting that the evidence from sex-ed programs in the U.S. and Canada is that they “have not reduced sexually transmitted diseases nor sexual promiscuity among young people. … In addition, teen pregnancies and abortions have increased.”  

The parents’ counteroffensive has just begun, said Ayas. The government is saying very little about sex-ed. As well, the news media, especially the English-speaking media, have paid little attention.

According to a survey of participants in last year’s pilot project, which was leaked to Le Devoir, teachers felt poorly trained and inadequately supported with appropriate materials. Particular components such as “Training on sexual assault –in the first, third and fifth grade — caused discomfort among most stakeholders, including among teachers.”

Ayas said the group is starting by going to other parents rather than the government because “we don’t believe the government is listening.” Previously, the Quebec government went to the Supreme Court of Canada to protect its right to teach students a relativistic religion and ethics program.

The parents’ declaration insists the “are the primary educators” and have the right to remove their children from the classroom when the content contradicts their beliefs.

Ayas said, “It’s not our business what adults get up to sexually with one another. But also not the child’s business. I don’t believe sexuality is a human right. This curriculum is intended to bring about the premature sexualization of our children.”


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