Catholic Priest Running For Pro-Abortion NDP Says he Would Not Vote Against Abortion

CORNER BROOK, NFLD, June 23, 2004 ( - Catholic priest Father Des McGrath is running for the NDP in the Newfoundland riding of Random-Burin-St. George’s.  Since the NDP are officially pro-abortion Rev. McGrath has been often asked about what he would do on abortion if elected.

The Globe and Mail reports today that Rev. McGrath told reporters who questioned him on abortion, “You people on the mainland seem to be more interested in that than any other issue in Canada—and we got more serious issues right now.”  The 69-year-old priest is a celebrated figure for having started a union for fishermen.  While claiming to be pro-life, Fr. McGrath is quoted using well worn pro-abortion rhetoric in speaking on abortion. “I don’t believe in stirring up the pot and stirring up old ashes on this,” he said in response to dealing with abortion in Parliament.  “Responsibility goes with the rights that women have over their own bodies and hopefully the decision that they make would be for pro-life.”

Not only is Fr. McGrath taking a non-Catholic position on abortion, it appears he is also being allowed by his bishop to defy church discipline that explicitly prohibits Catholic priests from running for any public office. has tried numerous times without success to contact Rev. McGrath’s bishop, Bishop Douglas Crosby, about these issues.  Today was directed to speak with the diocesan chancellor, Fr. Devine.  While Fr. Devine told he would issue a statement on the mater, no statement was received by press time.  To express your concerns to Bishop Crosby:  Most Rev. Douglas Crosby Bishop of St. George’s and Labrador City-Schefferville 13 Mount Bernard Avenue Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador A2H 6K6 Tel.:(709) 639-7073 Fax:(709) 639-8662 E-mail: [email protected]   See the Globe and Mail coverage:

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