OTTAWA, August 13, 2003 ( – Heritage Minister Sheila Copps, a self-proclaimed ‘Catholic’ who is fond of using her local Knights of Columbus hall for political activities, has criticized her competition for Leader of the federal Liberal Party for not being enthusiastic enough in his support of homosexual ‘marriage’.  The frontrunner in the race, and likely next Prime Minister, Paul Martin – also a Catholic, has publicly supported legal homosexual ‘marriage’, but Copps is upset Martin does not badger his supporters for the leadership into supporting the cause.  Speaking about the homosexual ‘marriage’ legislation, Copps said, “I would encourage my opponent in the leadership race to show some leadership and get out there and speak to some of his colleagues who consistently have tried to undermine several pieces of government legislation, from election financing to this bill.  And I encourage him to show some leadership and talk to the caucus members with whom he’s been working very closely in his own [party leadership] bid.”  Martin’s spokesman, Scott Reid responded that although Martin backs same-sex ‘marriage’, he “is not going to impose his personal view.”

Meanwhile Prime Minister Jean Chretien and Justice Minister Martin Cauchon remain unmoved by the rejection of the legislation by some 50 elected Members of the Liberal Party.  Hilary White of Campaign Life Coalition Catholic told LifeSite that “If it wasn’t so sad, this scenario would be hilarious.  We have a Catholic Prime Minister promoting homosexual marriage with his Catholic Justice Minister bantying about to promote it, with his Catholic heir-apparent endorsing it and the heir-apparent’s Catholic competition complaining that the support for it is too weak. Is anybody still wondering why the Bishops are speaking forcefully on the issue?”  See the Globe and Mail coverage: