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ORLANDO, Florida (LifeSiteNews) — A Catholic pro-life pregnancy service is looking for a new nurse manager.

JMJ Pregnancy Center, which has three locations in central Florida – two medical clinics and a support center for mothers of newborns, has been serving pregnant moms and their families for 34 years. Now it hopes to begin a new chapter by hiring a new nurse manager for its two medical centers.

Bob Perron, the Executive Director for JMJ Pregnancy Center, told LifeSiteNews that the ideal candidate would be a RN (registered nurse) who is – or could be – licensed to practise in the state of Florida. Knowledge of sonography would be a plus but is not strictly necessary. An advertisement for the job specifies that JMJ is looking for “a practicing Catholic for this important leadership role.”

“They would be managing our medical clients,” Perron explained. “We usually have around 15 to 20 women who we see all the way through to the end of the second trimester, and then we pass them on to OB-GYNs.”

“They [would be] scheduling, co-ordinating the doctors’ times,” he continued. “We have five volunteer doctors. We have a radiologist that [the new Nurse Manager] would be in contact with. They would do all the nursing duties that would be normal: vitals, recordkeeping… All of the things that a typical RN would do.”

The position is for 30 to 35 hours a week, and the successful candidate will work on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at one clinic, and on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at the other. The salary is in the $45,000 – $50,000 a year range.

The schedule of the working day would be very family-friendly in itself.

“The other thing that I think would be appealing… is [that] it’s a 9-3 most days position,” Perron said. “So it’s perfect for a mom who has kids, and they’re in school.”

Last year JMJ Pregnancy Center hosted 2300 visits. Bob Perron told LifeSiteNews that of those clients, 50 percent were abortion-minded or abortion-vulnerable. The other 50 percent came in for official proof that they were pregnant for Medicaid. Women who drop by are typically poor, and both the Orlando and the Kissimmee clinics are in economically depressed areas. Happily, last year 703 abortion-minded women chose life, deciding to bring their babies to term.

One of them “came in completely abortion-minded,” Perron recalled. “She didn’t have a great relationship with the guy she was with. Recently she had her baby and is absolutely thrilled to be a mom now.”

“That’s one thing I can say: we’ve never had any woman come back and say, ‘Oh, I wish you guys hadn’t convinced me to have the baby,’ Perron continued. “They all come back and say, ‘The baby’s changed my life’.”

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JMJ is the largest Catholic pregnancy center in central Florida. Perron told LifeSiteNews that staff don’t hide their Catholic charism, but they don’t offer the women they serve a hard-sell about the faith.

“We do this because we are Catholic, not because they are,” he said. “Most of our clients are not Catholic. But almost all of our volunteers and staff are.”

The staff prays every morning together, and there is a chapel each center, where staff can go for solace if they have a difficult session or to pray for a particularly abortion-minded woman.

“So there is definitely a spiritual element every day,” Perron said.

JMJ Pregnancy Center is not affiliated with the Diocese of Orlando, but it has an excellent relationship with Bishop John Noonan, who been very supportive. He has visited the different sites and attended their fundraising galas.

“He really loves the after-journey,” Perron remarked. “What we do with women after they’ve had the baby.”

JMJ Pregnancy Center maintains a relationship with women in need once they’ve had their babies through their “Lifting Lives” program, providing them with support—and material goods—for a full year after their babies are born.

“We have a 3200 square foot facility,” Perron told LifeSiteNews. “And we have everything from car seats to strollers to diapers to clothes. Everything a mom is going to need to succeed in their first year after the baby’s born.”

The Kissimmee clinic was very badly damaged by 2022’s Hurricane Ian, but Perron reported that it is “back up and running.”

“We had donors that helped us out, but also the landlord was fantastic,” he said. “The landlord’s insurance paid for a lot of it.”

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