By Elizabeth O’Brien

MADRID, Spain, June 21, 2007 ( – Last week (HO), a Madrid-based rights protection organization, began ranking schools in Spain based on their policy on conscientious objection by parents towards a national pro-homosexual course, Catholic News Agency Reports. Since then certain schools are beginning to rethink their position regarding the course and those who object to it.

The controversial Educación para la Ciudadanía (EcP) (Education for Citizenship) Course, was introduced last January by the socialist government under Prime Minister Zapatero. Intended to replace ethics classes, the compulsory course teaches that abortion, homosexuality and various other sexual behaviors are acceptable above parental objection. It also denies objective truth, forming a child’s moral sense from an atheistic and materialistic perspective (see

Despite these facts, the course is being taught in educational centers throughout all of Catholic Spain, including schools run by religious congregations, says CNA. Furthermore, these institutions are violating the right to conscientious objection that is constitutionally sanctioned in Spain.

Since HO began ranking schools, however, certain schools are seriously rethinking their position. The most notable case is Our Lady of the Pillar School in Madrid, one of the centers run by the Marianist organization in Spain. The school corrected its stance on the right of conscientious objection by parents the very day that HO publicized the school’s ranking. Now it is one of 57 Spanish schools that do “not bind objectors”.

Created last week by, the website ranks schools according to their attitude towards the new course. Schools that promote or at least consider objections against the EcP are marked green. Schools that do not bind objectors are marked yellow while those that violate the right of conscientious objection are marked red.

Since the creation of the website, it has ranked dozens of institutions throughout all of Spain, including Madrid, Toledo, Majadahonda, Valdemoro and Huelva. Currently, nine expressly forbid parents to withdraw their children from the course. The website encourages people to contact and participate in ranking their own school.
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