SOUTH ORANGE, New Jersey, April 1, 2011 ( – A course at the Catholic Seton Hall University on the history of same-sex “marriage” taught by a gay rights supporter will continue in the Fall 2011 semester after being offered on an experimental basis.

The course, entitled Politics of Gay Marriage, is taught by W. K. Mott, who is openly homosexual and has in the past been demoted at Seton Hall for expressing disagreement with the Church’s teaching on sexual morality. Students interviewed by the student newspaper The Setonian praised the class.

Mott told the paper that the class was not about advocacy, but offered an even-handed approach. “We had accomplished balance in the class. There was freedom in the course,” he said.

When the class was introduced last year, Newark Archbishop John J. Myers had criticized the course as “not in synch with Catholic teaching” and urged the school’s Board of Trustees to investigate the content of the course and “protect the Catholicity of the University.”

Mott told the Setonian this year that he trusted the school would not agree with the archbishop.

“I trust the academic processes in place, and I trust my colleagues,” Mott said.  “Internally I have no concerns, but external comments seem to be exercised.”