“Catholic” Statesmen Attend Homosexual “Marriage” of Gay Politician

By Elizabeth O’Brien

NOVA SCOTIA, August 15, 2007 ( - A group of politicians, some of whom are Catholic in name, are planning to attend the first homosexual "marriage" of a federal politician since the institution was legalized in Canada two years ago.

The Kings-Hants MP Scott Brison is marrying his homosexual partner Maxime St. Pierre this Saturday. One of the prominent attendees of the ceremony will be former Prime Minister Paul Martin. Martin has claimed to be "Catholic" despite his public opposition to Church teaching on fundamental matters such as abortion and homosexual "marriage". According to the Globe and Mail, during the 2005 same-sex "marriage" debate, Brison said that Paul Martin, then Prime Minister of Canada, addressed him jokingly, "Well, after all I’ve been through on this Brison, you’d better get married."

Also planning to attend the ceremony, the Chronicle Herald reports, is liberal leader Stephane Dion, a lapsed Catholic, and former New Brunswick Premier Frank McKenna, another so-called Catholic. Ex-cabinet minister Ken Dryden will also be present.

Former Progressive Conservative Prime Minister Joe Clark is rumored to be attending the wedding. Clark campaigned with Brison in 2004, the same year that Brison became the first openly homosexual cabinet minister. Clark is an example of yet another political leader who is well known for having flagrantly contradicted Church teaching on abortion while remaining Catholic in name.

In 2001 Clark was quoted as saying, "I am a Roman Catholic, I am pro choice. ... Anyone who knows anything about the Roman Catholic Church knows that [abortion] has been an issue of division for quite sometime."

Commenting on the situation, Campaign Life Coalition Jim Hughes told, "It is a shame to the Church and to Canada that leaders who say that they are Catholic should support a homosexual ‘marriage.’ By doing so, they are proving that they will willingly say one thing and do another. Divorcing their beliefs and their actions, they have destroyed people’s faith in their integrity, not only as Catholics, but also as reliable statesmen. It’s a shame. "

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