November 22, 2011 ( – Brazil’s largest Catholic television network has decided to end a controversial new program led by a well-known socialist, homosexualist politician.

New Song TV (TV Canção Nova) has canceled the program following an Internet protest campaign by outraged viewers, led through the twitter account #CançãoNovaSemPT (New Song without the Labor Party).

The “Justice and Peace” show, which aired weekly beginning November 3, featured Edinho Silva, who was billed as a “sociologist,” but who is also the leader of the ruling Labor Party in the state of São Paulo.

Catholic commentators were quick to point out that Silva openly promotes the homosexualist political agenda, and leads a party that is seeking to legalize the murder of unborn children throughout Brazil, in the name of “public health.”

During the national elections late last year, Silva’s political machine led the attack against Catholic bishops who sought to alert voters about the pro-abortion policies of the Labor Party, according to Wagner Moura, one of Brazil’s top Catholic bloggers.

“The president of the Labor Party in the State of São Paulo is the same who, in 2010, directly promoted the persecution of the document of the Southern Division 1 of the National Conference of Brazilian Bishops, which asks Catholics not to vote for pro-abortion politicians like president Dilma Rousseff,” writes Moura.


“Through Labor Party attorneys, the president went to the Electoral Court to prevent the continuance of the printing of the documents,” Moura adds. After the document was confiscated by authorities, the act was declared illegal by a Brazilian court.

The description of the now-canceled program, called “Justice and Peace” can still be found on the New Song site. The show was co-hosted by leftist bishop Demetrio Valentini, and would “discuss social topics based on the social doctrine of the Church, contained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.” The topics would include “democracy, health, education, strikes, unions, and religious liberty.”

According to Brazilian Catholic activist Antonio Donato, several other socialist politicians were also removed from New Song TV programming, including Gabriel Chalita, Eros Biondini, Paulo Barbosa, Myriam Rios, and Lu Alckmin. 

The Brazilian Catholic website “Feel with the Church” (Sentir com a Igreja) responded to the news with a cartoon featuring Edinho Silva being “defenestrated” (thrown out of a window) from the New Song TV headquarters by Jesus and a Catholic bishop.