February 14, 2014 (The Cardinal Newman Society) – Santa Clara University will be hosting a “Rainbow Prom” this Friday with a pro-same-sex marriage theme, according to the University’s website.


SCU’s Rainbow Resource Center states the event titled “Say ‘I Do’ to Marriage Equality,” is sponsored by the student groups GASPED (Gay and Straight People for the Education of Diversity) and the Santa Clara Community Action Program (SCCAP). The University’s website urges students to “bring your partner and/or friends—all are welcome!”

The event was created in 2010 after a high school student was not allowed to attend a prom with a same-sex date. The Santa Clara Community Action Program website describes it as “the hottest, freshest, most inclusive party of the year!”

“This year's theme is weddings! Say I do to Marriage Equality,” the group states. “Put on your fancy pants, your dancing shoes, ask that special someone to be your date, and maybe you'll be the one to catch the bouquet! wink

The event is exclusively for students of the Jesuit University.

Santa Clara’s Activities Programming Board (APB) advertised a “speed dating” event on Tuesday night on its Facebook site by urging students to use the event to “find yourself a date for Rainbow Prom or for Valentine's Day!”

Reprinted with permission from The Cardinal Newman Society