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NEW YORK, New York, December 14, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – In the wake of the ongoing sexual abuse crisis across media industries and in politics, a Catholic watchdog agency has released a list of those accused of sexual misconduct who also have a record of bashing Catholicism. 

“Many of those public figures who are now in the hot seat over allegations of sexual misconduct, as well as many of their enablers, have a record of bashing Catholicism,” the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights report states, “oftentimes for the sexual offenses of a tiny minority of priests.”

The list chronicles reports of misconduct and enabling, along with details of the offenders’ anti-Catholic actions.

The Catholic League states on its website that it “monitors the culture, acting as a watchdog agency and defender of the civil rights of all Catholics.”

“When slanderous assaults are made against the Catholic Church, the Catholic League hits the newspapers, television, and radio talk shows defending the right of the Church to promote its teachings with as much verve as any other institution in society,” the group states. 

The Catholics League’s list of “Sexual Deviants Who Trashed Catholicism” currently includes seven in the entertainment industry, five in the news world and other media, and two in the political sphere.

Accused serial predator Harvey Weinstein’s list of “Offensive Catholic Fare” features eight different movies with anti-Catholic content. Also on the roster are Ben Affleck, Woody Allen, Alec Baldwin and David Letterman – who have a list of seven anti-Catholic offenses.

The Catholic League also has put together a list of “enablers of men accused of sexual misconduct who have a record of anti-catholic offenses.”

This list includes 19 in entertainment, six in news or other media, and three in politics.

Among the “enablers” are both Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, who knew about Harvey Weinstein's alleged harassment of Gwyneth Paltrow in the late 1990s but remained silent. 

Alec Baldwin made this list as well for first keeping silent about abuse allegations against screenwriter and director James Toback, then claiming not to know about them, and then defending Toback’s character. 

Bill Maher has a particularly extensive list of “Offensive Catholic Fare” on the “enabler” list, spanning some 17 years and extending up into last month. 

Accused serial predator Harvey Weinstein made this list as well for organizing a petition signed by more than 100 prominent filmmakers, actors, producers and technicians defending the rights of admitted child rapist Roman Polanski. 

According to the Catholic League, Weinstein referred to the rape – in which Polanski gave the child alcohol and drugs before raping – as a “so-called crime.” 

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