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(LifeSiteNews) — Against the backdrop of increasing international tension and a myriad of national difficulties, Saturday, October 14 saw thousands of concerned South Africans take to the streets to pray the Rosary for their country in prominent locations.  

Well over 1,000 rosary rally captains volunteered to lead the recitation of the Rosary in the public square. Banners and some resources were provided in five languages: English, Afrikaans, IsiZulu, Sesotho, and IsiXhosa, enabling a wide diversity of peoples and cultures to participate across the nation. 

This is an annual event and is scheduled for the Saturday in October closest to October 13 – the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima in 1917.  

From all corners of the country, courageous souls volunteered to invite their families, friends, and fellow parishioners to pray for South Africa in an hour of real need. The country is at a crossroads – politically, economically, and socially – with critical elections on the horizon in 2024. 

Organizers were delighted at the response as the intensive organizational efforts revealed a final tally of 1,070 prayer rallies destined to light up the country and bring much-needed grace and blessings on the suffering nation.

The Rosary groups are encouraged to pray the entire Rosary along with the Litany of Our Lady, the Divine praises, a Consecration to the Immaculate Heart, and some hymns. A number of intentions are also suggested and participants are invited to add their own. 

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“It has been so encouraging to note the enthusiasm for our annual Public Rosary Rally Crusade! It really gives people the opportunity to do something and get out there, wearing the Faith on their sleeve! It is clear that the Rally Captains really went the extra mile to make the Rosary Rallies very special for all who participated,” commented Rosary Rally coordinator Bernard Tuffin. “Some zealous Rosary devotees also promoted an Archdiocesan public event in the nation’s capital, which was very encouraging.” 

“Organizing the Rosary Crusade is a team effort, and I would like to thank everyone who worked so hard to make the 2023 Rosary Rallies such a huge success!” added Tuffin. “We pray for the Crusade’s continuing growth! May Our Lady bless and protect South Africa and its people!”  

Many of the Captains give generously of their time and money to make the event a memorable one and South Africa Needs Our Lady provides many resources to assist. One of the special handouts is a beautifully illustrated bookmark of the “Fifteen Promises of Our Lady to Those Who Pray the Rosary.”   

South Africa is in dire straits with problems on every front and the ever-increasing danger of communist-oriented ideologues taking advantage of the chronic political, economic, moral and social conditions prevailing in the country.  

The Rosary Rallies are organized and coordinated by South Africa Needs Our Lady, a local group operating under the Family Action South Africa mantle.   

The main thrust of the group is “Winning the heart and soul of South Africa for Mary by spreading the Fatima Message.” A prime focus of this action is to defend and nourish the family institution – so weakened and crushed on many fronts.  

The over-arching goal of South Africa Needs Our Lady is to attract the grace of God upon South Africa and bring about its conversion through adherence to the requests Our Lady made at Fatima – prayer, conversion, and amendment of life. 

This work is carried out through mailings of beautiful books, medals, pictures, and the like – all designed to increase faith dispositions and give fellow Catholics the means to defend their faith through knowing it more perfectly. A vibrant email campaign is also employed to broaden knowledge of the Lives of Saints and Marian devotions, register protests, and encourage the First Friday and First Saturday devotions. And of course, to promote the Rosary as “the great weapon of our times”!  

Organizers prayed that Our Lady would take this gesture of love and devotion and multiply it a thousand-fold for the coming of her Reign.