By Kathleen Gilbert

MANHATTAN, New York, September 3, 2010 ( – One board member of the up-and-coming group “Catholics for Equality,” which aims to spread the homosexualist agenda among the Catholic community, is an ex-priest who has called Pope Benedict XVI a “childish idiot” and a closet homosexual.

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Tony Adams, a writer and commentator within the homosexualist community, is listed as a founding board member of “Catholics for Equality” on its website.

Adams, who changed his last name after “marrying” his male partner, regularly writes for South Florida Gay News, maintains his own blog and is affiliated with the popular homosexualist/atheist Joe My God blog.

In an August 23 comment on a post celebrating Catholics for Equality, which will officiallly launch September 14, Adams wrote that he hoped the group would become a “strong ‘Catholic’ voice to counter the nonsense spoken by well recognized Catholic homophobes.”

“Also, this group will be able to show Catholics that they can and should disagree with their wayward and addled bishops without going straight to hell,” wrote the ex-priest.

He noted that he “personally [doesn’t] need” the Church, and avoided prayer sessions and liturgies during the Catholics for Equality planning sessions. “I’m no longer a Catholic leader, but I am a loud voice of Catholic righteous anger and I think I can be helpful,” he added.

In another comment on the same post, Adams called Pope Benedict XVI a “childish idiot.” Elsewhere, Adams agreed with an assessment of Pope Benedict as a closeted homosexual, calling it “brilliant and insightful.”

“It explains why our gaydar is set off by men like Ratzinger who do not have sex lives and are high-achievement homophobes who thrive in organizations like the Catholic hierarchy,” wrote Adams. “As [Andrew] Sullivan says, they set up an abstracted (doll house?) version of life and their job, and they follow it to a T, feeling safe and justified.”

As a columnist for the South Florida Gay News, Adams covers travel and culture for a homosexualist audience, from a sometimes lewd perspective. In one May interview with HIV activist Larry Kramer, Adams explored the 74-year-old’s sex life.

“I checked out his profiles [on gay sex sites]. His photos are impish, happy and attractive,” wrote Adams. “I suggested that the lack of response might be due to intimidation by the prospect of being in bed with the formidable Larry Kramer. He laughed when I offered that my own hands would be shaking under his covers.”

Adams, who says he left the priesthood decades ago but was not suspended, maintains residences in both Manhattan and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.