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(LifeSiteNews) — This Lent, Catholics are invited to contribute to a worldwide “spiritual bouquet” by offering Masses and rosaries for the preservation of the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM).

The invitation comes as the Vatican continues to place restrictions on the traditional liturgy, and as certain TLM-going Catholics were recently discovered to have been targeted by the FBI.

The spiritual bouquet effort is called “Missae Pro Missa,” Latin for “Masses for the Mass.”

It was launched on Ash Wednesday by an anonymous group of U.S.-based lay Catholics who say they “love the Traditional Latin Mass and wish to see it remain a flourishing and normal part of the life of the Church.”

The effort seeks to accrue a minimum of a million Masses said for the preservation of the TLM by Pentecost Sunday, on May 28.

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According to the group, the spiritual bouquet of Masses will be powerful because “[i]n every Mass, Jesus offers Himself (Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity) to His Father in an act of perfect reparation, thanksgiving, adoration, and supplication, renewing the Offering He made on the Cross for these same intentions.”

“Through the Mass, God’s graces flow down to humanity through Jesus, and in a special way, these graces are applied to the intention for which the Mass is offered,” the group continues on its website.

“When Masses are said or heard for the preservation of the Traditional Latin Mass, Jesus will offer Himself to His Father especially for this intention,” the group said. “There is no prayer more powerful than the perfect prayer of Jesus in the Mass.”

Catholics interested in participating can do so in three ways, the group says:

  1. Request Masses to be said for the preservation of the Latin Mass (or if you’re a priest, celebrate Masses for this intention).

  2. Offer your own hearings of Mass for this intention.

  3. Pray rosaries for this intention.

Once a Mass or rosary has been offered for the intention, Catholics are asked to log their offering on the website, on which an ongoing tally will be maintained until Pentecost.

Participants are also invited to write a comment expounding upon their connection with the traditional liturgy and their personal desire for its preservation.

The Missae Pro Missa site points out that Catholics can request Masses by simply reaching out to their local parish or religious order and requesting a Mass to be said “for the preservation of the Latin Mass.”

Participants can also simply request a Mass be said for their “personal intentions,” and, through prayer, make that request clear to God.

Those interested can find more details on the Missae Pro Missa website here, or simply click on the image included in this article.