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WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) – A blasphemous so-called “gospel” drag show was hosted at a Washington, D.C., restaurant last weekend, prompting Catholics to pray the rosary in protest across the street. 

On Saturday, August 26, Crazy Aunt Helen’s restaurant in downtown D.C., just blocks from the U.S. Capitol, hosted “Shi-Queeta-Lee’s Drag Gospel Brunch!” The blasphemous performance is apparently held on a monthly basis. 

Breitbart News first reported that a photograph of the drag-show brunch menu showed “several cocktails with sacrilegious names under the title ‘The Gospel of Shiqueeta Lee,’” including “Bottomless Jesus Juice,” “Let the Lord Lay You Down,” “Blood on the Cross,” and “Fighting Temptation.” 

The event’s page description reads, “Come catch the Holy Spirit at Crazy Aunt Helen’s! Starring Shi-Queeta-Lee and her cast of Ladies performing gospel classics in two special shows! $38 gets you entry and your choice of one brunch entree. Bottomless mimosas and other drink specials will be available. Join Shi-Queeta-Lee and her Ladies and let them TAKE YOU TO CHURCH! 

Outside the event Catholics prayed on the street in reparation for the blasphemous mockery of Christ and the entire Christian religion. One of the Catholics protesting the event, Preston Noell, said the show was “doubly offensive and blasphemous.” 

“We come here today in front of Crazy Aunt Helen’s restaurant where they are putting on, not just a drag show, but they are juxtaposing that with what they call ‘gospel.’ So it makes it doubly offensive and blasphemous. We don’t know exactly what they are going to do inside, and we don’t need to go inside to know, to see. We don’t need to drink polluted water to know it’s bad for you, but we know that what they are doing is awful,” Noell declared. 

“They’re juxtaposing something that in itself is basically pornographic with something that is religious,” he said.  

“In other venues, drag shows have done unspeakable things to crucifixes. We are here to pray in reparation to God and his blessed mother for the sins and offenses that are going to be committed inside this restaurant.”  

The group Public Advocate of the United States, which was present at the restaurant, said in a statement to LifeSiteNews, “The event had drinks that mocked Christians, a preying not praying joke, and tipping of the ‘gospel’ singers. Overall, a clear mockery of God and Christians nationwide.” 

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate of the United States, said of the event, “Public Advocate infiltrated a drag queen event last week, thank you Breitbart for reporting our on-site exposé, thank you to our volunteer and staff who made it possible, thank you to the Tradition Family and Property for attacking on the outside while our people were on the inside reporting. Breitbart has picked it up and thousands of people now know, again, that drag queens hate Christians. What a shock, and every time we expose this, we document how some in the trans community explicitly hate Christians.” 

This is not the first time Christians have objected and protested to the obscene “gospel” drag show at the D.C.-based restaurant. In March, drag performer Jerry VanHook, who goes by the name Shi-Queeta-Lee, posted a video of a confrontation with protesters outside the restaurant, during which Christians argued from Scripture that salvation in Christ required repentance from sin, and that the “transgender” lifestyle was offensive to God. 

VanHook was the first drag queen to perform at the White House under the Obama administration as part of a “Transgender Community Briefing.” The Biden administration has followed suit, openly supporting the LGBT agenda. 

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Drag performers have increasingly put on public displays of blasphemous mockery of things held sacred by Christians and the Christian religion, including the specific degradation of Catholicism. 

Just this past June saw the L.A. Dodgers scandalously honor the anti-Catholic hate group known as the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.” The group is renowned for its obscene sexual desecration of the Crucifix and mockery of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in addition to the insult they offer to all religious sisters who consecrate their lives to God through prayer and service to the world’s most needy, such as Mother Theresa’s well-known Missionaries of Charity. 

That day, which for Catholics fell on the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, also saw thousands gathered outside Dodger Stadium for a Eucharistic procession and prayer rally in protest of the mockery to Catholicism by the so called “drag nuns,” whom the once strongly Christian Dodgers were awarding with honor. 

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