Friday November 30, 2007

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Abortion Clinic Escorts Sexually Abuse Praying Pro-Life Activists

“I am horrified that this is possible in Austria” says local Bishop after viewing video

By John-Henry Westen

VIENNA, Austria, November 30, 2007 ( – Video footage of abortion clinic escorts in the employ of Vienna abortionist Dr. Christian Fiala are so offensive that a local Bishop was stunned and is convinced that the case must be brought to state authorities. In the video, Dr. Fiala’s staff can be clearly seen sexually abusing, humiliating and using grotesque intimidation tactics on pro-life activists who pray silently outside the abortuary.

The video shows abortion clinic escorts grabbing the genitals of male pro-life activists, undoing pant zippers, threatening to poke them in the eyes, sexually hugging them, making grotesque faces etc. One clinic escort is seen on the video taking a wooden wedge and simulating sex with a female pro-lifer, pushing the wedge into her genital area.

The (WARNING GRAPHIC) video which has been posted on the Catholic Internet video website can be viewed here:

Rather than crack down on such atrocities police look the other way, according to local pro-lifers. Moreover, the Austrian Parliament is considering legislation to ban all pro-life activists from the public property outside abortion clinics, even if they are only praying silently.

Dr. Fiala, the Director of the well-known Gynmed walk-in abortion clinics in Vienna and Salzburg is fighting for the ban. According to Dr. Fiala, police officers are not allowed to take action against “those fanatic anti-abortion demonstrators, even when they “bother” women in a crisis situation.”

The video evidence has however given the lie to Dr. Fiala’s claims and shown him to be the perpetrator rather than the victim of intimidation.

Salzburg Auxiliary Bishop Andreas Laun viewed the video and spoke with about his reaction. “I am horrified that this is possible in Austria,” said Bishop Laun noting the brutality of the abortion clinic guards. The Bishop called the video a real eye-opener. “One can clearly see that they actually did such things,” he said.

The bishop is convinced that the events shown in the video should be investigated by State prosecutors.

See the Bishop interviewed (in German) on the video:

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