BREMERTON, Washington, June 27, 2012 ( – A camera captured a dramatic scene last month when an infuriated man stormed up cursing to a pro-life protester holding images of an aborted child by the roadside, tore the signs out of his hands and threw them away before assaulting him in an apparent attempt to destroy video evidence.


The conflict began when Kenrick Bradley approached Anti-Choice Project co-founder Andrew St.Hilaire during a protest in front of Olympic College in Bremerton, Washington, on May 2, 2012.  Bradley complained that the images were traumatizing to his girlfriend, who had apparently miscarried.

“My girl lost her f****** baby, and we’re driving past this s*** and she has to see this s***,” said Bradley. “I’m very sorry about that that,” said St. Hilaire. “You guys are standing out here with f****** cameras like this s***‘s OK?” Bradley continued.

Bradley eventually grabs the large images, which showed the tiny body parts of children lost to abortion, and threw them over a fence. He later returns to St. Hilaire, who is already on the phone with police and grabs at his camera as a second camera across the street captures the action.

“Hi, I’m being assaulted. I’m being assaulted!” St. Hilaire says into the phone as the struggle ensues.


The Anti-Choice Project reports that Bradley pled guilty on May 23 to charges of malicious mischief, and was ordered to pay $388 for damages to equipment as well as court fees.

“Like many Americans, Mr. Bradley finds the sight of abortion intolerable. But this only raises the question: If abortion is too terrible to look at, why are we tolerating it?” the group asked on its blog.