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(LifeSiteNews) — CBS News is taking criticism for publishing a laudatory video that celebrates two homosexual men who see “their” newborn daughter for the first time in the hospital. The video actually goes back to 2017 when the girl was born, but CBS News recently republished it, drawing renewed criticism.

This is the moment Ben and his husband Aaron met their daughter Charlotte for the first time [crying emoji, heart emoji],” CBS News tweeted, along with a minute-long video that celebrates the taking of a daughter from her biological parents to be given to two men in a perverse relationship. The two men adopted the girl.

Katy Faust, founder of pro-child group Them Before Us, tweeted her criticism. “This baby will: 1.Likely suffer identity struggles because she is separated from her genetic mother 2.Experience heightened stress response because birth mother uniquely lowers cortisol levels 3.Be starved of the daily maternal presence that she longs for and which maximizes her development Be raised by an unrelated, unvetted man who statistically increases her risk of abuse.”

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“Where is the mother? This just makes me sad knowing there is a woman offscreen who has just given birth and is without her newborn,” Blaze commentator Lauren Chen tweeted in response.

“This is an act of cruelty to the baby — the permanent depravation of her mother and mother’s comfort — that is being publicly celebrated as a political fad du jour. Shame on all of you,” Marina Medvin wrote.

Catholic commentator Liz Wheeler also criticized the video. “This is not cute. This is heartbreaking,” Wheeler wrote. “Poor baby was ripped from her mother and given to strangers. My heart is actually aching for the poor baby and her mama.”

LifeSiteNews has published commentary on homosexuals adopting children. Last year, Dave Rubin, a liberal who is popular among conservatives for his critiques of wokeness and his support for free speech, announced he and his “husband” had bought two children.

“In debates surrounding adoption by same-sex couples, the focus is often on whether or not ‘two moms’ or ‘two dads’ can be great parents,” Jonathon Van Maren wrote. “That discussion entirely misses the point. A man cannot be a mother and a woman cannot be a father. Motherless children are a tragedy. Fatherless children are also a tragedy. In situations such as those orchestrated by Rubin and his partner, the tragedy is an intentional one.”

“It did not used to be controversial to say things like: ‘Children need their mothers.’ The children raised by Rubin and his partner will, regardless of how kind and loving they are, grow up desperately craving the maternal attention and affection that all children need. Men cannot provide what mothers provide, no matter how hard they try,” Van Maren wrote. “Women cannot provide what fathers provide, no matter how hard they try. These are the simple facts of life, and no amount of LGBT propaganda can change that.”