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(LifeSiteNews) — CBS has been receiving severe criticism on social media for a tweet that implied the network partakes in devil worship. 

The tweet, which was deleted by Monday evening, was made in response to Sam Smith in anticipation of his performance at the Grammys. The performance, which featured Smith and gender-confused male singer “Kim” Petras singing Smith’s song “Unholy,” had Smith dressed as the devil surrounded by dancers dressed as demons with Petras in a cage. 

In a tweet about his performance, Smith posted “This is going to be SPECIAL.” In response, CBS tweeted “… you can say that again. We are ready to worship!” It is unclear why CBS deleted the Tweet. 

Reacting to the statement, conservative film director Robby Starbuck tweeted “This is what CBS said to Sam Smith right before he did his demonic performance as Satan. Think about that. They aren’t even trying to hide how compromised by evil they are anymore. It’s all out in the open now.” 

Another tweet from conservative podcaster and Donald Trump impersonator Shawn Farash reads “Gotta love @CBS openly admitting that they, alongside Sam Smith, ‘WORSHIP’ (their words, not mine) the devil…”  

Independent journalist Chris Newton reacted by posting “I mean I think it’s a pretty big story that a TV network with a News Department that is relied on by a lot of people openly says they worship satan. That’s kinda big don’t you think? I mean I already know this but here they are saying it.” 

Other posts discussing CBS’ tweet shared similar views. 

Smith and Petra’s performance also received severe backlash on Twitter, with users noting the satanic-seeming event was sponsored by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

In response to request for comment from Newsweek, Pfizer denied that it sponsored specific performances, but that it sponsored the Grammys as a whole. Smith and Petra won the Grammy for pop duo/group for their performance. 

CBS has yet to respond to LifeSiteNews’ request for comment.