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Cardinal Raymond Burke delivering his August 7th homily, in the Institute's Wausau churchICKSP Wausau/Facebook

WAUSAU, Wisconsin (LifeSiteNews) – Cardinal Raymond Burke offered encouragement and hope to traditional Catholics in a recent homily, lamenting the “poison of worldly thinking” within the Church.

During his August 7th homily at St. Mary’s Oratory run by the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest (IKCSP) in Wausau, Wisconsin, Burke spoke to faithful Catholics, warning of attacks both inside and outside the Catholic Church.

“Times like the present are not unlike that of the chosen people before the fall of Jerusalem,” he said. “Secular culture is an open and violent rebellion against the good order which God has written into nature and above all on the human heart.”

“Integrity of marriage and the family, the inviolable dignity of human life, and the fundamental freedom of religion are routinely violated in favor of a culture founded upon the willfulness of corrupted human hearts,” Burke continued.

“The poison of worldly thinking affects the life of the Church, drawing hearts away from Christ, from respect for the truth of Christian doctrine, and from the worship of God in spirit and in truth,” Burke warned.

His homily comes amid growing restrictions on the Traditional Latin Mass as Chicago’s Cardinal Cupich cancelled public Masses and confessions of the priests of the ICKSP in his diocese, leaving some 400-500 faithful each Sunday deprived of the traditional Mass and sacraments.

This decision came after ICKSP priests refused to sign a letter presented by Cupich, declaring that the Novus Ordo Mass is the only true expression of the Roman rite, thereby rejecting the traditional Roman rite and their charism.

“Apostacy is painfully evident in the lives of those who claim to be devout Catholics while at the same time they disregard the apostolic tradition,” said Burke.

“In such times, sincere hearts struggle to understand the permissive will of God while Satan tempts them to doubt and discouragement, and to the abandonment of daily battle against the forces of evil,” he said.

“But we must never give way to doubt, discouragement, and the abandonment of the daily battle to defend our Lord and His holy Church,” Burke stated, adding, “even from enemies from within the Church.”

Cardinal Burke has consistently voiced support for the Latin Mass, defending Tradition against new documents published by the Congregation (now Dicastery) for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments (CDW).

In February 2022, Burke declared that the Responsa, a document placing severe restrictions on the traditional sacraments and Traditional Latin Mass, is binding “only inasmuch as they are coherent with the doctrine and discipline of the Church, according to the fundamental principle of the regula iuris [rule of law], which, when it is not respected, makes the law an arbitrary tool in the hands of individuals advancing a particular ideology or agenda.”

“Let us never forget that Christ is already the victor,” he encouraged in his homily. “May our worship of God in spirit and truth and above all our participation in the Eucharistic sacrifice of our Lord be the inexhaustible source of our serenity and devotion in fighting with Him, the good fight, in staying the course, in keeping the faith.”