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December 17, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Amid ongoing serious safety concerns regarding Pfizer’s new COVID-19 vaccine, and its lack of any real necessity, the pharmaceutical giant’s CEO Albert Bourla said Monday that he hasn’t received the vaccine yet because he doesn’t want to be perceived as cutting in line.

“I haven’t taken it yet and we are having an ethical committee dealing with the question of who is getting it,” Bourla told CNN.

According to the New York Post, Bourla explained that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) had prioritized front-line health workers along with nursing home residents and staff.

“Given that there are very strict allocation rules that the CDC has voted [on], we are very sensitive not to cut the queue and get vaccinated before,” he said.

However, he did indicate that he was open to receiving the shots in the future in order to boost confidence for the product among the public.

“People will believe much more [in the safety of the vaccine] if the CEO gets vaccinated,” Bourla said.

Such gestures of confidence may become ever more necessary as recent studies have found such belief and trust in vaccines in general has been rapidly declining in recent months.

An October report from Civic Science (CS) indicates “a steady decline in the percentage of U.S. adults who say they’re ‘very’ comfortable with vaccines overall.” In fact, CS states, “the monthly percentage of those highly comfortable with vaccinations at large fell more than twenty percentage points since the start of 2020 (69% in January compared to October’s 47%).”

In addition, “only 22% percent of those surveyed say they would get the vaccine right away,” and CS concludes, “it’s clear that hesitancy to receive a future vaccine … is running rampant across the country” and this “sheds light on just how difficult it is for many to trust a future vaccine right now.”

Such hesitancy among the public may be caused by the fact that this vaccine has been rushed through the process of development, testing, approval and now distribution, with a new “messenger RNA” technology, no industry-standard animal trials, nor any sufficient studies on long-term effects.

Initial trials of Pfizer’s vaccine elicited some “severe” complications as well, including headaches, fever, body aches, and symptoms similar to a “severe hangover.”

Further, a former vice president and Chief Scientist at Pfizer, Dr. Michael Yeadon, recently petitioned for the halting of all testing on these vaccines in Europe due to the significant safety concerns of a growing number of renowned scientists.

These concerns included the risks that these vaccines may cause infertility in women, result in an increased vulnerability to the virus, produce allergic or even fatal reactions, and present unacceptable dangers of long-term effects due to a lack of proper testing.

Now, as the vaccine is being administered, U.K. government-produced safety instructions include a warning that it should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. In addition, they state that it is “unknown” what effect the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine will have on fertility.

In a recent interview on The Ingraham Angle, world-renowned microbiologist and author Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi stated that the vaccine drive is “downright dangerous.”

“And I warn you, if you go along these lines, you are going to go to your doom,” Bhakdi stated.

In the meantime, Bourla affirmed that “none of the executives and board members [of Pfizer] will cut the line,” but urged Americans to “trust science” and get vaccinated.