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FLORIANOPOLIS, BRAZIL - OCTOBER 31: Truck drivers and supporters in favor of President Jair Bolsonaro block Via Dutra Heuler Andrey/Getty Images

(LifeSiteNews) – After the declared electoral defeat of conservative-populist incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, which some commentators are calling fraudulent, a nationwide movement in support of Bolsonaro has erupted, with road blockades popping up all over the country and police joining the movement.

LifeSiteNews’s John-Henry Westen discussed this week with Bernardo Kuster, one of Brazil’s most influential journalists, the situation unfolding on the ground in Brazil and the reasons for such popular support for Bolsonaro. Click the video below to watch:

Bolsonaro has not conceded defeat to the socialist former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who spent 18 months in prison for corruption-related offenses. Silva’s tarnished criminal past and Bolsonaro’s party’s massive gains at all levels besides the presidency have cast doubt on the run-off election results according to some.

Journalist Matthew Tyrman told Steve Bannon on Monday that Bolsonaro’s party had significantly increased its presence in the Brazilian Congress, gaining 22 seats in the House of Deputies. “That’s just his party,” Tyrman said. “In the right-wing government coalition group,” which supports Bolsonaro, there were also significant gains, to the point that Tyrman said it “will dominate in both the lower house and the upper house.”

Support for Bolsonaro is continuing to grow in the days since the election, with roads between major cities being blocked in protest of what many believe to be an illegitimate result.

In São Paulo, national police have seemingly joined the protestors and have helped them gain deeper access to the São Paulo International Airport in order to continue with their demonstrations.

Conservative Brazilian radio host Kennedy Linhares posted a video on his Instagram account which shows a police officer speaking to a crowd with the caption: “Police officers are demonstrating all over the country, they don’t want to receive orders from a convicted criminal! Congratulations to the good Brazilians who are in the streets for the love of the country!”

In some locations, construction vehicles and farming machinery are being used to block major roadways that connect regions of the country, with the help of national policing services.

The Federal Highway Police (PRF) said that truckers were blocking highways at 271 points, partially or fully, CBC News reported. The Supreme Court of Brazil has ordered police to remove the blockades which exist in 23 of the 26 national regions.

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