Thaddeus Baklinski


Charges against arrested pro-lifer dropped – witnesses no-show

Thaddeus Baklinski

TORONTO, October 7, 2011 ( – The October 5 court hearing for Mary Wager, who has been arrested multiple times for counseling women outside and inside abortion clinics, resulted in all charges against her being dropped because no witnesses for the Crown showed up.

Mary’s friend and supporter John Bulsza, along with Christian Heritage Party deputy leader Rod Taylor and his wife Elaine, were in the courtroom.

Bulsza told LifeSiteNews that the Crown prosecutor, Lauren Spencer, asked presiding judge Mara Beth Greene for a fifteen-minute recess to figure out why there were no witnesses, to which the judge agreed after verifying that Mary accepted this delay.

When the Crown prosecutor returned with the information that the witnesses had not been notified, Judge Greene said the charges against Mary - mischief, infringement to enjoyment of property, failure to comply and breaking probation - were withdrawn because there was no case presented.

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At first Judge Greene told Mary she was free to go. However the Crown reminded the court that Mary had been sentenced to 40 days in jail from a previous conviction in September, which was to be served following this trial.

However, Mary phoned John Bulsza on Thursday to inform him that, because the charges had been dropped, Judge Greene ruled that the 40-day sentence had been served beginning from the time Mary was arrested on August, with the result that she will be released from jail on Sunday, October 6th.

“It is biblically significant that Mary served forty days,” Bulsza told LifeSiteNews in an interview.

“In union with the 40 Days for Life that we’re having right now, Mary diligently and faithfully and patiently served her 40 days in prison, which is an awesome sacrifice to make for the unborn and their mothers.

“One thing I note when I see Mary in action,” Bulsza observed, “is that she really is compassionate toward the mothers, reaching out to them gently and lovingly, asking them to reconsider and that it’s not too late to change their minds.”

Mary’s fellow pro-life prisoner of conscience, Linda Gibbons, will stand trial on Nov. 4 on a charge of disobeying a court order in connection with her latest arrest outside a Toronto abortion site this past August 4. The hearing is scheduled for 10 a.m. in Room 504 of the Ontario Court of Justice at Yonge and College Streets in downtown Toronto.

To send letters of encouragement to Linda, please remember to enclose nothing with staples, stickers, or laminated or hard plastic items. If you wish to visit Linda you must book an appointment with the prison 48 hours in advance and arrive at least 15 minutes before the visit.

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