CHARLESTON, S.C., October 20, 2005, ( – The Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston has officially pulled its support for a fundraiser after learning the recipient organization gives money to the United States’ largest abortion agency.

The Diocese, along with Bishop England High School, was to have been involved with the Race for the Cure, a fundraising event that attracts 6,000 participants and benefits the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It was later discovered that the foundation financially supports Planned Parenthood in other cities

Though some students from Bishop England school will participate they will not receive community service credits. Previously students had earned about 4.5 hours towards their required 30 hours for their involvement in Race for the Cure.

Diocesan spokesperson Stever Gajdosik said that “since the church always supports the dignity of the human person and that person’s right to life, to support an organization from which moneys would be going eventually to a pro-abortion organization would be inconsistent.”

Parishioners and students were not discouraged from participating but the diocesan policy was changed this year because of the discovered link between the Komen foundation and Planned Parenthood.

Catholic diocese pulls support from Race for the Cure

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