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Charlie Gard was baptized, ‘will be in the hands of his loving God’

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SIGN THE PLEDGE: Pray for Charlie Gard's parents, ending battle for Charlie's life

LONDON, England, July 25, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Baby Charlie Gard was baptized and his parents "trust that soon" he "will be in the hands of his loving God and savior," a Presbyterian minister and human rights activist working with them said.

Rev. Patrick Mahoney mentioned this in a Facebook live video shortly after Chris Gard and Connie Yates announced they were ending their legal battle to save their 11-month-old baby's life

"Had Great Ormond Street Hospital allowed this treatment months ago, when Connie and Chris requested it," the chances that Charlie's condition would greatly improve are very high, said Mahoney. His parents wouldn't have been forced to make "this gut-wrenching, heartbreaking choice" if the hospital had respected their wishes from the beginning and allowed them to continue Charlie's care elsewhere.

"If this prestigious hospital had listened to the parents, had heard and honored the parents, then we would not have been in the situation we were today," said Mahoney. A "global conversation has now been ignited" about the rights of parents, not governments, to determine what's best for their children.

Connie and Chris are going to begin a foundation to ensure that no parent ever has "to go through this again," Mahoney said. 

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