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(LifeSiteNews) – Charlie Kirk, the founder of conservative student organization Turning Point USA, announced his wife gave birth to their first child last week.

“Last week was a week that changed my life,” Charlie Kirk said on his show Monday. He and his wife Erika “welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world.”

“Welcome to the world baby girl. We love you so much.❤️ Erika did so so well, praise God!” Kirk also wrote on Instagram.

Kirk said meeting his daughter strengthened his resolve to fight against the “bad guys.”

“When you look down in your arms and you see your child all of a sudden, everything that you’re fighting for, everything that you care about, everything that you are pushing forward gets into absolute clarity almost instantaneously,” Kirk said Monday. “It puts the entire fight…into an entirely new perspective.”

“And it was without a doubt the most transformational moment of my life,” he said. “And, boy, does it make you want to defeat the bad guys more than ever and to continue to fight for what is beautiful and what is good and what is true.”

Kirk said he and his wife made a conscious decision to keep the news of her pregnancy private.

“In a world where everything is put on social media, where everything is constantly being posted and being talked about, we made a decision – my wife and I – to keep one thing rather private…outside of some close family and friends, my wife Erika and I – we decided not to tell the world she was pregnant. We did that for a variety of reasons, some being security and also just being that it’s not about social media. It’s not about the millions of people that might talk about it and to get likes and get shares and all of that.

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Tell Republican Senators: Defend natural marriage!
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We need YOU to be a voice for natural marriage and the constitutional freedom of individual states by SIGNING and SHARING this petition calling on Republican U.S. Senators to oppose the deceitfully named "Respect for Marriage Act!"

Leftist members of Congress have, once again, opted to ignore the myriad of issues facing our country — be it the border crisis, gas prices, inflation, crime, and more — to instead virtue-signal by introducing their radical new bill, the so-called "Respect for Marriage Act," which, among other things, would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.

And with the radical left continuing its attempts to redefine words, people, and events to better suit their agenda and advance their political narratives, it should come as no surprise that their latest target happens to be natural marriage.

But marriage is not a political tool for the left to manipulate and destroy; it is the key building block of our society, and the primary basis for the safe, responsible upbringing of our children.

Republican members of the U.S. Senate still have a chance to defend natural marriage by stopping this bill from becoming law, but we need to let them know that the American people oppose the left's seemingly never-ending efforts to degrade the sanctity of marriage.

Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition to Republican members of the U.S. Senate, insisting that they vote against the "Respect for Marriage Act" when it comes before them for any form of vote.

The legislation in question, formally filed as H.R.8404 and sponsored by liberal New York Congressman Jerry Nadler, would codify same-sex marriage into federal law, effectively forcing states to recognize any marriage performed in another state regardless of laws on their own books.

It would also fully repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which was signed by President Clinton back in 1996 and formally defined marriage as a union between one man and one woman under federal law.

With the fall of Roe v. Wade back in June, the left's paranoia about losing ground when it comes to their radical social and political agenda has reached a fever pitch, resulting in the ongoing push for the "Respect for Marriage Act," which, if we don't act soon, may well become law...

TIME IS RUNNING OUT: With a 50-50 Senate, the left needs just TEN Republican members to bow to pressure: the mainstream media, Big Tech, Hollywood, and the university system are all fighting against us. With so much pressure against conservatives, we need you to send these Senators a powerful message demanding that they stand strong against the left.

That's why we need your help now.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition to Republican U.S. Senators across the country, urging them to stand against the left's attempts to reinvent marriage by opposing the so-called "Respect for Marriage Act" when it comes before them for a vote.

Protect natural marriage! Protect the freedoms of individual states!

Put Republican U.S. Senators on notice and let them know that you're watching closely how they vote on the "Respect for Marriage Act."

Thank you!


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He encouraged others to “go right into it” to have kids.

“It’s something that will make your life enhanced in such a beautiful and profound way,” Kirk said.