Daughter Claims Cher Approved of Incident   NEW YORK, May 28, 2002 ( – Chastity Bono, the daughter of the famed singer Cher, claims in her newly released memoir that she was sexually seduced by an adult female at age 11.  Chastity says she was left in the care of “Joan” a lesbian friend of Cher’s and had “sex” with her.  Chastity writes that when, years later, she told her mother of the affair, Cher responded, “This will be a good life experience for you.”

LifeSite contacted the New York Police Department and confirmed that the age of consent for sex is 17, and that the sexual contact described by Chastity would be considered “statutory rape.”  Moreover the New York District Attorney’s office told LifeSite that under those circumstances a minimum sentence of five to twenty-five years in prison would be imposed.  Focus on the Family’s John Paulk, a former homosexual who has traveled the world demonstrating the ability to break out of the homosexual lifestyle told LifeSite, that “Chastity’s experiences completely underline and reinforce our perspective that homosexuality has its roots in child development.”  Paulk, the author of two books on homosexuality, said “homosexuality is an environmentally based condition, not genetic, but developed through life experiences often rooted in childhood.”  He explained that Chastity says she was seduced by an older woman while her mother was absent and her abuser “Joan” met her emotional needs.  See the New York Post’s coverage of Chastity’s new memoir: