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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - : Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot speaks to guests at an event held to celebrate Pride Month (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)Scott Olson/Getty Images

CHICAGO (LifeSiteNews) – A new ordinance in Chicago declares the Windy City a “sanctuary” for “bodily autonomy” and forbids government agencies and staff from helping other states enforce their abortion laws or laws against the genital and chemical mutilation of children.

The Chicago City Council approved on Wednesday the “Bodily Autonomy Sanctuary City Ordinance,” which prohibits any Chicago government agency or employee from “provid[ing] information related to, or in furtherance of, any investigation or proceeding initiated in or by another state or jurisdiction that seeks to impose civil or criminal liability or professional sanctions upon a person for the provision or receipt of, or any inquiry concerning, reproductive health care or gender-affirming care that is legal in the State of Illinois.”

Illinois allows abortion up until the moment of birth. The city’s leftist mayor Lori Lightfoot supports the ordinance, which models an executive order she had signed earlier in the year.

“I pledged that we will always be a city that respects the dignity of bodily autonomy for women. That we’re always gonna make sure our providers are able to serve women, wherever they reside, that are coming to our city to access reproductive health care services because that, to me, is a fundamental right,” Lightfoot said, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

“So Chicago is always gonna be an oasis for justice for all. Not only do we make that pledge. We put our money where our mouth is. I immediately allocated $500,000 to make sure that our providers could take care of women that were traveling from other states,” she said. “Travel, lodging, aftercare. And we’re gonna be making another big commitment as we go into budget season. We have to make sure that women in this country are not taken back to the pre-Roe years where they had no control over the circumstances under which they had children.”

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But Lightfoot’s support for “bodily autonomy” only extends to the killing of preborn babies and the chemical and surgical mutilation of gender-confused bodies.

She instituted a COVID vaccine passport system which required anyone older than four years old who wanted to eat in a restaurant or go to a movie in Chicago to show their papers. The “bodily autonomy” champion explicitly said the goal was to make life difficult for people who made a personal decision not to take the COVID jab. “This health order may pose an inconvenience to the unvaccinated, and in fact it is inconvenient by design,” she tweeted.

The homosexual leftist mayor has also used heated rhetoric against social conservatives, urging a “call to arms” upon the leak of the Roe v. Wade reversal draft opinion by Justice Samuel Alito.

She also used heated language toward Justice Clarence Thomas who suggested in the final Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court ruling that the nation’s highest court should revisit other decisions on same-sex “marriage” and contraception.

“If you read Clarence Thomas’ concurrence …  f*** Clarence Thomas,” Lightfoot screamed during a homosexual “pride” event. She double downed on her vulgar attacks on the black conservative justice, after criticizing “toxicity in our public discourse,” in relation to a shooting in the suburb of Highland Park.