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CHICAGO (LifeSiteNews) — Chicago’s Democrat mayor Lori Lightfoot, who has repeatedly come under fire for failing to follow the same harsh COVID requirements she has imposed upon her constituents, tweeted a bizarre image last week spelling out “GET VAX’D” in cash to encourage vaccine uptake.

“The message is clear. Get vaccinated from the comfort of your home and this stack could be yours,” Mayor Lightfoot, a homosexual, wrote in the tweet Thursday. She urged Chicagoans to book an appointment to have someone come to their homes to give them the experimental shot.

Lightfoot’s tweet was immediately derided by social media users, with many accusing the mayor of attempting to bribe people to get the shot. Several others, taking note of the odd imagery, jokingly compared Lightfoot to a comic-book villain.

While odd, the tweet was not a baseless attempt to simply encourage people to get jabbed. The City of Chicago does facilitate in-home vaccinations, and offers monetary rewards to those who participate.

According to the Chicago government’s website, “In-home vaccination is available to all Chicago households and anyone age 5 and up is eligible to receive a vaccine.”

“Up to 10 people can be vaccinated at a time, so Chicagoans can invite family, friends, or neighbors to their home to be vaccinated together,” the website continues, noting that only Pfizer jabs are available for in-home vaccinations.

According to the site, in alignment with Lightfoot’s tweet, monetary rewards are also available to people who opt to get the jab at home.

“Each person who receives their primary vaccine dose through the City’s At Home program is eligible to receive one $50 gift card for each primary Pfizer dose, including children age 5-11,” the notice stated. “Gift cards are not offered for booster dose appointments” and that “[a]ll incentives for at-home appointments will be delivered by mail, not at the time of the appointment.”

Late last year, Chicago joined a slew of other major U.S. cities to require residents and visitors, including children as young as five years old, to show proof of vaccination to gain access to most indoor places.

According to the order, all individuals five years old and older must “show proof that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to dine indoors, visit gyms, or enjoy entertainment venues where food or drink are being served.”

In an announcement December 21, Lightfoot told residents that “if you have been living vaccine-free, your time is up. If you wish to live life as w/the ease to do the things you love, you must be vax’d.”