Chicago Pro-Lifers Launch Massive Effort to Stop New Abortion Clinic from Opening - 40 Day Vigil

By Elizabeth O’Brien

  AURORA, Illinois, August 20, 2007 ( – A massive pro-life press conference and rally was held near the newly-constructed facilities of a mega Planned Parenthood abortion mill on Thursday. The event was part of a full-scale campaign launched by pro-lifers from the Chicago district to prevent the clinic’s scheduled opening this fall.

  About four hundred people attended the pro-life rally that was held at the Prisco Community Center in Aurora. Pro-life flyers, little plastic figures of foetuses and other information and promotional material lined the tables inside the building.

  Jim Sedlak of STOPP Planned Parenthood, one of the keynote speakers during the day’s events, encouraged the pro-life campaign, mentioning another case in which protesters stopped a facility by raising legal challenges. At the rally Sedlack encouraged pro-lifers to continue their fight against Planned Parenthood because it “can” be beaten.

  Ohio Right to Life director Denise Mackura also pumped enthusiasm into listeners, members of Families Against Planned Parenthood, saying, “We fight with you to stop this kind of poison that’s going to flow into the city of Aurora when this facility opens up. Mackura, who will be discussing various legal options with lawyers and advisors next week, described specific practical ways to stop the clinic from opening.

  Jason Craddock of the TMS Pro-Life Law Centre spoke enthusiastically about people’s rights and freedom of speech, and finally, Elizabeth Earl explained the “40 Days for Life” Prayer Vigil, which is being held outside the clinic this month. At the end of the rally, Pro-Life Action League Director Eric Schiedler, the Master of Ceremonies, invited people to participate in a candlelight vigil outside the abortion clinic. Here about 60 people sung hymns and prayed for an end to abortion.

  The new Planned Parenthood facility, is nick-named the “Abortion Fortress” because of its high brick walls, bullet-proof glass and security cameras. Built under the name “Gemini Medical Office,” the 22,000 square foot building at Oakhurst Drive and New York Street will offer contraceptives, pregnancy tests, counselling and testing for sexually transmitted diseases, the Daily Herald Reports. According to president and CEO of Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area Steve Trombley, abortions will comprise about 10% of patient care.

  Outside the abortion facilities that are scheduled to open on September 18, pro-life witnesses held pictures of babies and signs that said, “Mommy, let me live.” They planted dozens of small white crosses in the ground with the words “John Doe baby” written across the front.

  A group of pro-choice protesters also showed up outside the Center during the rally, but they did not have a permit to picket and were confined to a sidewalk along one side of the building.

  Referring to the abortion site, Scheidler stated, “Planned Parenthood snuck into town.” He continued, “They were nearly finished building this place before we learned about it. We haven’t got much time to stop them, but we’re doing all we can.”

  In a last minute, full-force effort to halt the clinic’s opening, the Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League, supported by scores of pro-lifers from the area, launched a massive “40 Days for Life” campaign. Since 8 a.m. on August 9, they have been constantly praying, fasting and holding a 24-hour vigil outside the abortion site. Pro-lifers from all different Christian denominations in the Chicago area have joined the effort, begging God to stop abortion and keep the clinic from opening.

  Local pro-lifers are hopeful, for the “40 Days for Life” Campaign has proved tremendously (and many say miraculously) successful throughout the United States. In areas where the prayer campaign has been launched, abortion clinics have closed and many other major victories for the pro-life movement have been won. The largest “40 Days for Life” Campaign is scheduled to take place in cities across the nation starting on September 26 (See

“This is the most powerful grassroots pro-life effort I’ve ever seen,” said Scheidler. “We can scarcely keep track of the prayer pledges coming in. The people of Aurora and their neighbors in nearby towns do not want an abortion clinic here. Period.” Scheidler declared, “Whether it’s 40 days or prayer or 40 years of effort, we will shut down the Abortion Fortress of Aurora.”

  Pro-lifers are encouraged to attend a massive pro-life demonstration in front of the Planned Parenthood facility next Saturday morning, August 25 from 9 to 11 a.m.

  For more information about the fight against Planned Parenthood in Aurora and to sign-up for the 24-hour prayer vigil outside the Aurora abortion clinic visit:

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