By Patrick B. Craine

CHICAGO, Illinois, April 19, 2010 ( – Chicago’s Fr. Michael Pfleger has again publicly denounced critics who expressed concern over his continued and vocal support for women’s ordination, which goes contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

In his homily on Sunday, Fr. Pfleger accused his critics of taking his comments from last Sunday’s homily “out of context” and using them “for their own particular motives.”

He complained that the video system on the website of his parish, Saint Sabina Catholic Church, had been “hacked” – referring to the fact that his comments had been pulled out and posted to Youtube. He explained that he had considered shutting down the webstream of his homilies, but chose not to for the benefit of the home-bound and other viewers.

“I refuse to let some ignorant haters control our mission and our ministry,” he told the congregation. “So watch on haters. We will move on.”

Fr. Pfleger also noted that he would discuss the parish’s response to the criticism in a meeting after Mass, rather than addressing the controversy within his videotaped homily.

The April 11th video that launched the controversy remains posted to his parish’s website. “There should be women priests,” he told his congregation. “There should be married priests. … There should be women bishops and women cardinals.”

A backlash from concerned Catholics over the remarks last Sunday led Pfleger to post a statement, which has since been removed, to the front page of the archdiocesan website on Wednesday. “While this is my personal opinion, I do respect and follow the Catholic Church teachings and I am sorry I failed to do this,” he wrote. Then the next day Fr. Pfleger posted a comment to his Facebook fan page indicating that the archdiocese had made him issue the statement. He then reaffirmed his support for women’s ordination, and complained about the criticism.

On Saturday night, Fr. Pfleger added the following comment to his Facebook fan page:

“To All my HATERS, I’m leaving all this up so people can see how Unchristian those who think they own the Church can be. I just want you all to know I’m neither intimidated oor moved by your Hate. I Fear God only! So Blessings on all of youâEUR¦…”

A call and an e-mail to Fr. Pfleger were not returned by press time.

Asked for comment, Susan Burritt, the archdiocese’s media relations director, told LifeSiteNews that Fr. Pfleger’s statement on the archdiocese’s website “speaks for itself.” Asked if her answer means the archdiocese is not responding to the controversy, Burritt said: “We have responded by posting the statement of Father Pfleger on our web site.”

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