MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, January 27, 2006 ( – Based on information in the Western Standard and other articles, reported Jan. 24 an alleged Muslim power statement made by Liberal candidate Omar Alghabra after winning the nomination for the riding of Mississauga-Erindale. Alghabra went on to win the election and is now the Member of Parliament for the riding. also reported that although witnesses stated Alghabra made the statement, other witnesses stated that it was his main advisor who was responsible for the outburst.

The organization that originally publicized Alghabra’s alleged indiscretion contacted LifeSiteNews to advise that it had erred in its original report and subsequently learned that the outburst on the stage beside Alghabra and other dignitaries was actually made by his main supporter.

In a Dec. 22 press release the Canadian Coalition for Democracies (CCD) stated,
”…witnesses reported that the statements attributed to Omar Alghabra were actually spoken by Khalid Usman, the individual introduced by Mr. Alghabra as his major supporter following Mr. Alghabra’s nomination victory. Witnesses reported that Mr. Alghabra’s celebratory actions on the podium appeared supportive of Mr. Usman’s declarations, and that Mr. Alghabra did not distance himself from the comments nor offer any correction.”

It added, “On December 22, Carolyn Parrish, the former MP for Mississauga-Erindale, was quoted in the Mississauga News as saying that ‘He [Khalid Usman] made comments about Muslims eventually being [represented] in every riding in Mississauga … He made it sound like [Muslims] were taking over. It was extremely inappropriate.’ Elias Hazineh, president of the Mississauga-Erindale Federal Liberal Riding Association, was also quoted as hearing the Markham councillor say, ‘this is a victory for Muslims.’”

CCD apologized for its initial error stating “Failing to distance oneself from inappropriate statements from a supporter that mix religion and politics is not the same as uttering those statements, and CCD regrets the mistake it made.”

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