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PETITION: Authorities must shut down Pornhub after showing videos of 15-year-old trafficking victim! Sign the petition here.

March 9, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – News has resurfaced that the Pornhub-featured minor female victim of trafficking, who was filmed numerous times being raped and then re-victimized again when the footage was uploaded to the porn site, endured a forced abortion.

Pornhub, the most popular porn website in the world, had been caught hosting 58 videos of a 15-year-old girl, a human trafficking victim who was repeatedly raped on camera. The girl was forced to have an abortion against her will by her male abductor. 

LifeSiteNews has launched a petition calling for Pornhub to be shut down, questioning how many other depictions of women and minors – victims of sexual trafficking – being raped might be among the 98,000 “amateur models” the porn giant boasts as being featured on its website.  

After just a few days, the petition has surged past 30,000 signatures.

While the human carnage due to sexual abuse and human trafficking depicted on Pornhub may be incalculable, there is also an untold death toll due to abortion associated with the production of the sex videos uploaded to the site.

The statistics that Pornhub proudly touts in its “Annual Year in Review” are stunning, if not astronomical. For 2019, the site reported:  

  • 42 billion visits to Pornhub; 

  • 115 million visits per day;

    Pornhub’s '2019 Year in Review infographic'
  • 39 billion searches performed by site users.

In 2019 alone, 6,830,000 videos were uploaded, consisting of 1,360,000 hours of new content.  

Pornhub boasts that the new 2019 video content would take 169 years to watch, quipping that “If you started watching 2019’s new videos in 1850, you would still be watching them today.”     

In another attempt to communicate the vastness of the porn available on the site, Pornhub claims, “If you copied all that data onto hard drives, they would reach 100 kilometers high to the edge of space.” 

Pornhub reports no statistics on how many abortions resulted from the millions of hours of gratuitous sex videos displayed on its site in 2019.  

Laila Mickelwait of the pornography abolition organization Exodus Cry, told Faithwire that the company is “making money off of the exploitation, rape, and trafficking of hundreds if not thousands of women and girls who are victims, and their crime scenes are being hosted on their website.”

Mickelwait described pornography websites as being run by “criminals and mega-pimps” and said “the onus of responsibility is not just on the traffickers and those who are raping the girls; it’s on the website that is not only hosting these videos, but profiting off of them. And that’s what makes them a mega-trafficker.”

Jonathan van Maren of LifeSiteNews has noted that the presence of such videos reveal that Pornhub’s viewers are getting sexual enjoyment out of what, in some instances, turn out to be horrific crimes.

“The porn industry and the abortion industry reduce women and children to meat, feeding them to carnivorous consumers in a culture that has lost all sense of right and wrong. A culture that respected women’s rights would be outraged at the fact that millions upon millions of people entertain themselves by watching girls get sexually violated and thrashed onscreen, but our culture pretends that ‘women’s rights’ means that if any children show up unexpectedly, they can be hastily shredded and discarded so that the show can go on,” said van Maren.

“It is the responsibility of social media platforms to moderate user-made content to the best of their ability, and they’re legally bound to do so,” noted Ian Miles Cheong, managing editor of Human Events. “Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act was designed to encourage platforms to remove objectionable content, promising that they wouldn’t be held liable if they screwed up in the process.”

“Pornhub, however, has clearly made no such good faith effort,” he added.


The LifeSiteNews petition calls on the U.S. Attorney General and his Canadian counterpart to investigate and shut down Pornhub, whose parent company,, is based in Canada.

The petition asks:

  • Are there more victims of human trafficking, rape and child pornography still hosted on Pornhub?

  • If so, where are these victims now? And, how much could Pornhub have profited from these vile activities?

  • For the sake of all victims of human trafficking past, present and future, Pornhub needs to be investigated and shut down.

“If Pornhub is allowed to get away with this now, then human traffickers will know that they can continue their evil deeds and no-one will care,” the petition concludes.  

Please SIGN and SHARE the petition, and join the chorus of people, from all sides of the political spectrum, calling on the porn hosting monster to be investigated by U.S. and Canadian authorities, and to be shut down.