OTTAWA, Nov 3 ( – Official Opposition Families Critic Eric Lowther (Calgary Centre,  Ref.), raised the issue of the upcoming Nov. 19 National Election for the Rights of Youth” in the House of Commons yesterday. Elections Canada is asking children as young as six years old to vote for their favourite right. Lowther said that the results of this exercise are going to be presented to the Prime Minister’s office and the government and that “Parents and school boards, concerned about the politicizing of their children, have rejected this intrusion.”

“It is not about teaching democracy. It is about using students as pawns in a political process. Government departments are spending half a million dollars on this intrusive exercise which politicizes kids and the Liberal caucus plans to use it for self-promotion.” 

Defending the government, Don Boudria (Leader of the Government in the House of Commons,  Lib.) responded by stressing that the United Nations is not a “partisan organization”. Pro- family observers comment that the United Nations is one of the most partisan bodies in existence constantly pushing the extremes of the socialist-liberal agenda with its advocacy of abortion, homosexuality, sex-education and the like. 

In related news Harry Black, Executive Director of UNICEF Canada and Jean-Pierre Kingsley, Chief Electoral Officer of Canada, provided an update on the progress of It’s Your Voice:  National Election for the Rights of Youth at a press conference in Ottawa yesterday. The organizers noted that students will begin voting November 15. Furthermore, television and radio ads to promote the vote will begin airing soon. Finally another promotional press conference is scheduled for November 15. The organizers report that similar “elections” have taken place in Mexico, Colombia, Belize, Zambia and Mozambique. LifeSite has so far not encountered anyone outside of UNICEF who has ever heard of these exercises taking place. 

See here for the debate between Lowther and Boudria.