VANCOUVER, June 3 (LSN) – The Vancouver Province reported yesterday that the Vancouver General Hospital   (VGH) paid out an undisclosed settlement to the adoptive parents of a child disabled by an attempted abortion   in order to avoid a pending medical-malpractice suit. Twelve-year-old Ximena Renaerts has profound mental   and physical disabilities resulting from an attempted abortion at a clinic in Washington state. She was born   alive at Vancouver General Hospital three days three days later, on Dec. 17, 1985.  Ximena’s birth mother went to VGH for complications with her abortion, and court documents indicate that a   resident in obstetrics and gynecology examined her but “failed to realize that [she] was carrying a fetus   with gestational age of 26 to 29 weeks, not merely the remains of a failed abortion.” Lawyers for Ximena’s   family alleged that after the child was delivered, it was obvious she was alive, yet she was left in a storage   room for 40 minutes, before staff decided to give her basic care. VGH said its actions were appropriate.